We all experience hair fall, some moderate and some heavy. Let us discover the major causes of hair loss (hair fall) in this blog.

Unfortunately, hair fall and breakage is something people of all ages and gender suffer from, thanks to the amount of environment and lifestyle stress hair has to go through on a daily basis. From the way we tie our hairs to the chemical, styling products we use, to an unhealthy diet — there are several factors responsible for hair loss. Not to mention the perilous weather conditions and hormonal disruptions that affect the health of our hair by major degrees.

Well, nobody fancies excessive hair loss, premature greying of hair, thinning of hair strands, etc. Sadly, the numerous genetic, environmental, health factors continue to deteriorate the hair follicle health. Learning the causes of Hair Fall and the Treatments to Treat the problem can help you immensely. Have a look at the section below:

• Family History (Heredity): It is one of the most common hair loss reasons seen in both males and females. If you hail from a family where your parents and guardians have suffered hair fall at a certain age, you are more likely to be prone to it.

• Hormonal Changes: Our hormones undergo a change during different life episodes such as teenage, pregnancy, menopause, thyroid problems, etc., that can cause permanent or temporary hair fall. According to sources, pregnancy-induced hair loss manifests after the birth of the child rather than during the gestation period. In the thyroid, the severe and prolonged hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause loss of hair.

• Scalp Infection: Skin conditions like Ringworm, Psoriasis, Seborrheic eczema, Scleroderma, Leishmaniasis results in flaky, scaly, dry, red, patches on the scalp leading to infections, hair fall, and other problems.

• Mental Stress: The Hair follows a programmed cycle- growth, rest, and shedding phase. The mental-emotional trauma activates the shedding stage of the hair leading to hair loss. Also, stress increases the production of androgen (male hormone) which in turn causes hair fall. Stress is known to trigger the negative health patterns and scalp problems that poorly influence the health of the hair.

• Poor Diet and Iron Deficiency: Consuming a balanced diet inclusive of essential vitamins, nutrients, and proteins are important for healthy hair growth. Iron deficiency and lack of proteins can lead to hair fall in individuals. Iron is essential for producing hair cell protein. On the other hand, an excess of Vitamin A has been linked to hair loss. Vitamin A is fat-soluble which our body stores and more of this substance may lead to toxicity thus creating health problems in which hair fall is one of them.

• Hair Styling and Chemical Products: Binding the hair in tight braids, ponytails, and other styles lead to hair fall, known as traction alopecia as extreme pressure is put on the hair. The usage of harsh, chemical-rich hair products also causes hair loss.

• Dramatic Weight Loss: Drastic weight loss is traumatic for the body and causes thinning of hair.

• Chemotherapy: The medical procedure for treating cancer through chemotherapy results in hair loss. However, once the procedure is completed, the hair growth is assured.

• Medications: Certain medicines such as the antidepressants, blood thinners, etc., promote hair loss in people.

• Trichotillomania: It is an impulse control disorder that causes entities to compulsively pull hair out of their head. The person with Trichotillomania constantly plays and pulls their hair. Females are more prone to this disease than males.

There are many hair loss sufferers looking and asking for various ways to treat their hair loss problems. Well, certain factors and conditions can be controlled leading to hair growth in no time. One of the recommended methods to promote hair growth is to go Natural.

• Eat Ayurvedically: Resort to an Ayurveda diet rich in minerals, vitamins, taste that is healthy for your health, doshas, and hair.

• Go Organic: For lustrous and thick mane, use organic, herbal hair care products that are soft and healthy for your hair.

•Do Yoga: Practice yoga asanas to nourish your scalp, keeping it disease-free and resulting in hair growth.

• Keep it Loose: Do not tie your hair in tight bands that are too close to the scalp, extremely pressuring hairstyles. Let it loose and flowy.

• Treat them Properly: Take proper care of your hair. Use oil repairing and conditioning treatments for promoting fuller hair. Restrain from heated styling products as much as possible.

Treat the causes of Hair Loss naturally and holistically to embrace a thick and shiny hair without posing any side-effects.

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