Ayurvedic Weight Loss Therapy and Treatment in Kerala, India

Tired of carrying those extra kilos and dying to get that toned, curvier body? Contact us for consultation on Weight Loss Treatment and get rid of those extra pounds.

Obesity or excess weight is one of the common problems on a global scale. For most people, having extra pounds is an appearance issue but in reality, it is way more than that. Overweight leads to a number of health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, joints pain, respiratory problems and a lot more. In majority of cases, the reason for this pandemic disorder is an unhealthy lifestyle and food habits.

We, at Rishikul Ayurshala, have brought the solution to your weight management problem in the form of Vedic weight loss therapy. Unlike conventional weight loss therapies which adopt the modern approach, we have come up with the best of Ayurvedic treatments to help you get back in shape.


The Traditional Indian healing science offers certain highly effective treatments for various health problems, including obesity. Obesity is generally caused by the accumulation of ama or toxins in the body which are fat soluble in nature and get stuck deep in the abdomen, leading to excess flab around the belly and thighs. Ayurveda burns this non-digestive fat deposition by reigniting the digestive fire within. The science of life offers some effective ayurvedic treatments for weight loss which when practiced in conjunction with healthy lifestyle and proper diet, promote effective weight loss. In our ayurvedic therapy for weight loss, the practitioner is treated with some of the most effective ayurvedic ways for weight loss such as:


It is one of the most talked therapies to burn fat and strengthen the body. Because of its miraculous benefits, the therapy is practiced by many people. In this therapy, a mixture of powders and medicated oils infused with herbs is applied to the whole body. Strong hand movements are done with pressure at its core to get the desired result. The mixture works to tone the body, breaks the cellulite, improves complexion and reduces fat. The Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss used in this treatment are Amalaki, Kolkullathadi, Bheda, Kottumchukkadi, Neem, Sariva, Arshad, Khadir, etc. Though the therapy offers different outcomes for different individuals, the common ones are:

  • Extra subcutaneous fat reduction
  • Cellulite Busting
  • Toned and strengthened body
  • Enhanced Complexion
  • Removal of stiffness, stress, and dryness in the joints
  • Revitalized skin and removal of body odor.


It is a minor version of Udvartana where both the powders and oils are mixed in a bowl and then massaged on the whole body, exfoliating all toxins, enhancing skin texture and complexion and preventing skin diseases. The mild procedure is best for those who have a sensitive skin and cannot undertake fast and hard strokes.


In this therapy, only powders and dry substances are used and rubbed on the body. The dry and rough substances suck out the extra water and decrease the earth element in the body, which is one of the causes of excess fat. In the therapy, we will only use powders and dry substances to be rubbed on the body. It may be performed in conjunction with other methods and herbs to reduce the Kapha element in the body.

Besides therapies, patients are made to consume Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss that work as a catalyst and speed up the process. During the program, we offer practitioners with healthy and nutritious food to complement the therapies and promote weight loss. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable teachers will help carry out every mere operation with precision, care and attentiveness. They will teach and encourage you to follow Ayurveda tips for weight loss during the therapy to help you achieve the desired shape.

With the view of stunning Varkala beach in the forefront in one of the ten paradises of the world- Kerala, our studio offers a serene, scenic, and salubrious environment that perfectly complements the therapies and promotes healing. With healthy and nutritious diet and observance and care of experts and trained staff, we offer everything needful for the life healing therapies.

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