1: Weight loss

Before you drop your jaws, we must remind you that each ripened olive weighs around 4 grams and is a healthy snack supplement for many around the world. Don’t expect olives to satiate your hunger but what goes inside your body is made up of good fatty acids so that you eat healthy and stay healthy. Ranging from bitter to salty, olives serve as great alternative to fatty junk like greasy burgers and spicy sandwiches. These Mediterranean balls of health can be soaked in brine to elevate the taste so that you can munch on them just like you love munching on your favorite potato chips. Except the fact that unlike potato chips, olives don’t add unwanted cholesterol around your heart valves, giving you untimely death. It’s time to begin your weight loss regimen by eating olives!

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2: Flawless skin

It’s important to note that nobody on Earth likes to have fine lines on their face. Nonetheless ageing is a part of life and there isn’t much we can do about it. Yet god was kind enough when he invented olives so that youth could be sustained gracefully. By eating olives, not only are you making yourself healthy but also unmaking those wrinkles. Studies have shown how eating olives can reduce signs of ageing such as fine lines and crow’s feet. The miracle fruit contains oleic acid which is a form of fatty acid, excellent for skin repair and growth. We don’t discourage face masks but popping olives can be a great way to make that skin glow from the inside. And we all know how amazing that feels. So go ahead and grab a bunch of olives to make that skin flawless.

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3: Improved bone health

If hearing “osteoporosis” doesn’t make you jump in fear, we don’t know what will. If you belong to the section of less excitable humans, then you probably know what this term means. Human skeletal health, like the rest of the body, deteriorates rapidly with ageing. Most especially in women, bone disorders are prominent. Lack of nutritious diet and increased stress in lifestyles has lead to skeletal problems. Olives are just what you need to feel less pain in the bones when you reach the dreaded age of 60. They are excellent source of polyphenols that reduce inflammation and help your body deal with natural process of ageing gracefully. Women in menopause must be given olives to ease their pain.

4: Improved digestion

Ever heard of fermented foods and felt relieved? If the answer is “yes” then we suggest you go to your nearest supermarket and grab a bunch of fermented olives because not only do they taste like heaven berries, they also make great food for your gut! A fermented olive contains gut-friendly bacteria lactobacillus which improves your digestion and relieves you from unnecessary bloating. Sometimes, all we need is a bowl of fermented olives to deal with improper digestive issues. We highly recommend these to anyone who’s grown sick and tired of complicated digestion lifestyle.

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5: Improved mental health

It’s pretty much a “lo and behold” situation after describing so many health benefits of olives. Improved mental health is also among the many merits of this Mediterranean fruit! In this day and age where we are consumed in worries and anxieties, olives serve as a great stress buster. How, you ask? Well, they are rich in the right kinds of omega-6 fatty acid which is the brain’s favorite juice. It makes your brain happy, consequently making YOU happy. Research conducted over many years by many food scientists has resulted in a positive relation between olives and mental health. And we ought to eat what the food scientists recommend, and many of them are recommending olives. It’s time to start working on improved mental health, beginning with these salty, meaty poppers, rich in fatty acid so that not only your taste buds but your brain also relishes the flavor of this good ol’ healthy snack.

The most beloved fruit of the Mediterranean—olive—has now become a popular snack all over the world. Eat it salty or simply toss it in a healthy salad, a good olive will never fail you. So many cuisines are becoming olive-friendly and nobody’s complaining about an extra olive on a pizza slice. Visit your nearest cafe and you won’t be surprised to find at least two olive-themed appetizers or mains. They are round and with a seed, green until they ripen to become black, and often fermented so that their meaty texture invites delight. However, olives have so much to offer than just wholesome taste. They are big on benefits and promise longevity to eaters across the globe. A fruit that started growing in Mediterranean lands (also in some parts of California) over thousands of years ago is now gathering popularity due to its amazing benefits. Olive oils are extracted from olives to give a much healthier alternative to your dishes. Give a gentle pour of olive oil on any salad and enjoy the flavor-fest that emerges from it. If you are a big olive fan, join the club but if you’re still new to this luscious, exotic fruit we have some good news for you. Ready for the olive health adventure? Jump right in!

Here are 5 health benefits of olives you simply cannot avoid:

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