From one-day flu to a more chronic ailment, almost all of us are heavily dependent on modern medicines, hoping them to provide us with a complete cure. We see quick results and let ourselves get caught up in the chain of always turning to these medications even for the slightest discomfort. However, it isn’t hidden from us that these medications have very heavy side-effects and can even weaken our immune system. What do we do then? Well, the Indian subcontinent has been blessed with the study of Ayurveda which has taken a revered position worldwide and has answers to almost all human ailments. Not only does it has the cure to all ailments, but also provides you precautionary medication with no harmful effects to ensure that you’re not vulnerable to diseases and illnesses. One such wholesome remedy is the Triphala. If you haven’t heard of it, you don’t need to feel out of place because we will explore below what Triphala is and what are its benefits.

What is Triphala?

Triphala is one of the ancient Ayurveda remedies used for innumerable purposes and has myriad of benefits. It is an herbal composition of three native Indian plants, which are:

  • Indian Gooseberry (Emblicaofficinalis)
  • Black Myrobalan (TerminaliaChebula)
  • Belleric Myrobalan (TerminaliaBelliric)

The combination of these three gives it the Sanskrit name “Triphala” or “Three Fruits”. It has been used as a very efficient general health tonic and used to remedy a great number of health conditions. The Ayurvedic study believes that a human body is made up of three doshas which are space, water, and earth. Triphala is often referred to as tridoshicrasayana or that it has the ability to support all the three doshas, and maintains their stability.

Triphala can be consumed and is available in a variety of forms like powder, juice, capsule or tablet.

Health benefits of Triphala
  1. Anti-inflammatory

    Triphala consists of a great degree of antioxidants, Vitamin C, Saponins and other compounds that help in dealing with molecules that can damage cells or make them weak. This, in turn, results in the protection from heart-related diseases and therefore improves physical performance and reduces inflammation.

  2. Beneficial for oral health

    The anti-inflammatory property when coupled with its antimicrobial nature results in the prevention of the formation of plaque, which in turn reduces any possibility of cavities of gum infections. It restricts any kind of bacterial growth in the mouth thus maintaining a good oral hygiene. There are a great number of mouthwashes available in the market which has Triphala extract which can give you the right kind of oral health.

  3. Helps with diabetes

    We all know that when a person is suffering from diabetes, it becomes difficult for the body cells to properly absorb sugar and use it for the purpose of producing energy. The Indian Gooseberry plant, which is a part of Triphala, has certain anti-diabetic characteristics that help the body in maintaining the right amount of sugar. This happens through the anti-oxidant present in the compound. Another plant i.e. Belleric Myrobalan helps in producing insulin resistance and helps the cells in absorbing sugar better.

  4. Improves digestion

    It is widely believed, as well as proven by evidence, that Triphala has great potential to deal with bad digestive health and constipation. It helps in improving the movement or churning within the intestines for the removal of waste. Not only that, it also helps in producing certain bacteria that help in maintaining an overall healthy gut.

  5. Relieves stress and anxiety

    Some of the studies show that Triphala stimulates “Adaptogenic activity” which allows a person to cope with stress. Not only that but the detoxifying characteristic of it through regulating the digestive system allows it to clear up your body and mind. A healthy body always results in a happy mind and soul.

  6. Relieves bone and joint pains (helps in Arthritis)

    Arthritis is often caused by the accumulation of gas in the body. With the consumption of Triphala, the body’s bowel movement improves which in turn results in the subsiding of the gas. It also lowers the level of uric acid and inflammation in the body which provides protection from the effects of gout and ensures healthy and strong muscles and bones.

  7. Helps in weight loss

    Triphala is a great source for regulating the secretion of Cholecystokinin. It allows your body to be active and energetic, helping you to be quick with things. It also lowers total cholesterol levels and improves the work of enzymes which in turn ensures good digestion which then allows the body to absorb all the nutrients efficiently and avoid all the unwanted fat.

  8. Regulates hormonal imbalances

    It ensures a healthy amount of secretion of all the right hormones in the body. It is also very widely believed that Triphala assists in the proper functioning of the endocrine glands, especially the thyroids.

  9. Helps with vision

    The anti-oxidants in Triphala help in the reduction of cell damage at the tissue level. When a healthy cell and tissue system is maintained the sensory systems, the body remains fresh and new. It, therefore, avoids age-related diseases related to vision such as Press Byopia and Cataract.

  10. Protects hair and skin

    With improved blood circulation and proper digestion, the body will absorb a great degree of nutrients which in turn helps in the healthy production of keratin, thus ensuring long, thick and lustrous hair. It also has the ability to deal with dermatological problems by the rejuvenation of the skin tissue.

A healthy dosage of triphala can be your key to a healthy and happy life!

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