Blood is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of a living anatomy. The life runs on the invaluable red liquid that is responsible for the transportation of almost all kinds of substances from one part of the body to another. From hormones to organic molecules, blood makes sure each and every cell gets an equal and uniform amount of nutrients for the complete wellbeing of the human body. Blood denotes the level of your mental and physical strength. While these are just the basic importance of the vital fluid and its gravity in the body is remarkably high, securing its salubrity should be the primary responsibility of ours.

We eat a number of packaged and unhealthy food and inhale impure air of the polluted environment affecting the immune power of the blood. While we have little control over the out world’s affairs, we can certainly change our diets and the daily habits that can cleanse the blood naturally. Here is the list of some of the blood cleansing herbs that can be used in daily life, have a look.


To enjoy a better blood circulation, Garlic might be the best option. Since Garlic is used in daily diets as a flavored-booster, it makes it a plant of immense importance, when it comes to the purification of blood. The long list of Garlic’s utilization comprises of arteries protection, detoxification of blood, checking hypertension, and lowering cholesterol level in the blood.


Neem is one of the most common Ayurvedic trees that are found all over the Indian subcontinent. In fact, there are a number of items made with the medicinal effect of Neem leaves one can find in the Indian market such as soap, shampoo, etc. Along with the external body diseases, Neem leaves help to purify the blood and keep the inner organs clean. Even the Neem tree coating is very efficacious for the wellbeing of the body and blood. The beauty of Neem is that you can use this in whichever way you think it easy- as a diet, paste, massage herbs, etc.


Ginger is another daily-use blood purifier herb that is boasted with tons of health benefits. The bioactive elements present in ginger boosts the ability of blood to make a smooth movement in the body. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory plant keeping the body active all the time with a healthy and unadulterated storage of blood.


The European flowering plant that is loaded with numerous properties as a blood-refining therapy is mainly found in the Eurasian region countries. Dandelion comes from the family of antioxidants and eliminates toxins from digestive tracts. It increases the amount of water flowing through the kidney by filtering the wastes from the urine. Mixing the Dandelion leaves, flowers or roots in tea or hot water can be the best way to enjoy the power of Dandelion.


Guduchi is another gift of Indian herbal powerhouse. Translates into the one who protects, Guduchi is extremely beneficial for the wellbeing of the Immune System and protects the body from getting weak because of useless blood flow during a wounding. It can be used as a tonic in case of blood clotting, which it helps in preventing the blocking of blood-flow that makes it one of the most useful herbs for blood purification.


Basil carries an exceptional ability to keep the blood unaffected from the influence of environmental impurities by cleansing the liver and kidneys. The anti-inflammatory herb makes sure to keep the temperature of the blood calm and draughty. You can use the basil leaves as a salad or in tea. Crumple the leaves and mix these in your salads or soups to boost the detoxifying ability of the plant. When mixed with hot water, it gives the two-fold benefits of the leaves’ flavor as well as the hot water as a blood cleansing method.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom is a Chinese herbal tonic that is an awesome stimulant of heart wellness and one of the most effective natural blood cleanser herbs. Several studies have shown that it reduces the amount of blood sugar preventing the body from falling prey to Diabetes. Ganoderic Acid present in the herbal plant checks the effects of histamine and boosts the amount of oxyhemoglobin in the blood. To get its benefits as a blood-purifying agent, make the soup of the dried mushroom and water and drink every day after dinner.

These herbs for purification of blood are extremely worthwhile blood energizers, the practical use of which can be seen in normal day-to-day life.

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