Our brain health is essential for normal living and plays a massive role in how to deal correctly with life, which begins as to when we wake up and also plays an important part in how we’re sleeping. It is a truly an amazing organ working around the clock for us.

Brain-boosting is required for keeping a check on its functioning and there are lots of wonderful herbs, spices, and superfoods that enhance brain power.  The natural option is always a better and healthier way of treating an issue, and similarly, the mentioned below herbs work its magic on our brain.

So, here are nine super herbs that improve brain functions, and treat various aspects related to brain health.

Ginkgo Biloba

  • You can find many supplements and medication of the herb at Ayurvedic and online stores.
  • Consume it after consulting a doctor because dosage for each ailment varies.


A wonder herb, Ginseng is required in the modern world crediting to its stress busting and boosting elements. An adaptogenic herb, Ginseng alleviates mood, improves concentration, attention and memory, lengthens mental and physical endurance, and eases anxiety.

  • Eat raw or slightly steam it.
  • Stew in water to make tea.
  • Add water to freshly sliced Ginseng and steep it for a while.

Gotu Kola

When it comes to using alternative medicine system to improve brain functioning and mental clarity, Gotu Kola is the name that been associated with the issue and also helps the brain to fight oxidative stress and improves cognitive functioning.

  • It is better to consume the herb after consulting a doctor and the herb is available in powder form.


A popular name in the Indian household, Turmeric is a commonly used spice in India and other South East Asian countries. The herb spice is linked to improving brain functioning especially on the parts of memory and attention. As per a study, the herb protects the brain against Alzheimer’s disease, enhances immunity, lowers rate of dementia and more.

  • Consume in raw or powder form. Add turmeric in your meal or drink turmeric milk before bed.


The Ayurvedic herb consists of a lot of benefits for various health issues and always helps in combating symptoms of depression, reduces stress; slows reverses or stops neuritic atrophy and prevents brain cell damage. It also prevents age-related degenerative diseases and increases longevity.

  • It is available in both powder and capsule form, and it’s better to consume the powder.
  • You can mix it in honey and eat 300 gm daily, and while consuming the root extract, eat it twice daily.
  • You can combine it with ginger and turmeric in honey and use it in tea.


The aromatic herb is magical if used in food and enhances the taste. Just smelling the herb can give a great boost to your brain. In a study, it is found that patients were faster and accurate on cognitive test after smelling rosemary or its essential oil. Another study reveals that ingredients in the herb protect the brain against free radicals preventing stroke and neurodegeneration.

  • Add fresh rosemary in your food, curd, salad, soul, etc. and is the best way to consume the herb.


Sage or Kamarkas is a spice herb known for its pungent aroma that possesses memory enhancing properties, aids in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, and improves brain functioning. The herb has been used for centuries in bringing mental clarity and reduces depletion of noncholinergic and cholinergic neurons in the brain.

  • The herb is used in several forms like fresh leaves for aromatic flavor in your food.
  • You can sprinkle or garnish it on soups, roast dishes, sauces, etc.

Parsley and Thyme

Again a commonly used herb in the kitchen, both parsley and thyme in our diet helps to boost brainpower. The flavonoid present in the herb named apigenin boosts neuron formation and creates a strong connection between the cells of the brain.

  • The best way to consume these herbs is by adding them to your food.


The Ayurvedic herb is wonderful. Brahmi can work wonders by supporting the nervous system and brain. The herb helps the brain spheres (left and right) to work together more synergistically. Brahmi also increases memory, focus, learning capacity and intelligence, reduces stress, provides adrenal support, alleviates anxiety and treats insomnia.

  • 300mg of Brahmi per day is required for mental functioning and it is better to consult an Ayurvedic expert before starting.
  • Brahmi is available in powder, capsule and juice form. 

Enhanced brain power is required for overall health and these magic herbs do their part in boosting the mental functioning and bring clarity.  

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