Panchakarma Treatment for Reproductive System

Ayurvedic anatomy describes seven dhatus namely Rasa (plasma), Rakta (blood), Mamsa(muscle), Meda (fat tissue), Ashti (bone tissue), Majja (bone marrow) and Shukra (reproductive system). These seven components form the body and are responsible for proper functioning of the various organs. The nourishment and existence of human body are dependent on these seven dhatus. The disequilibrium in the functioning of the dhatus result in the manifestation of a disease. Shukra-dhatu represents the reproductive health in men and women. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that for a healthy transformation of Shukra-dhatu, the rest six dhatus need to be of good quality.

Vajeekarana is a branch in Ayurveda dealing with sexual well-being and infertility. Herbal based formulations are effective and safe that provides respite from long-standing reproductive disorders. Rishikul Ayurshala offers ayurvedic treatment for infertility which is cost-effective and potent.

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