Every day we tell ourselves we will improve our lifestyle and every day we miserably fail. Time and schedule have packed our day so much that we hardly take our own selves seriously. Dietary habits have deteriorated, there is no sleeping pattern immune systems are at their weakest, and we are constantly bugged by bad thoughts and negative feelings. It is time we take our physical and mental health seriously and shun out all the toxins from our bodies like a pro! Five simple therapies will help you redirect your life to the healthiest path there ever was.

Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word with the meaning “five actions”, thus suggesting its purpose. It is an extremely efficient process to detoxify and purify your body from all the accumulated waste materials. The human body has been gifted with its own mechanism of detoxification, but with the growing technological ease as well as the simultaneous lack of time has deteriorated our way of living and has thus weakened the natural process of detoxification. Panchakarma, however, is an extremely natural process that will remove the excess of doshas and will also establish a balance amongst them. It is a five-fold therapy which includes:

  1. Basti: Herbalized oil enemas
  2. Nasya: Nasal irrigation
  3. Vamana: Therapeutic Vomiting
  4. Virechana: Purgation
  5. Raktamokshana: Blood Letting

Now that we have brief information about what Panchkarma is, we will look into how a typical day during the therapy looks like and what are its benefits.

Daily curriculum of Panchkarma therapy

Panchkarma therapy is a highly individualized and personalized kind of therapy. As you reach the Ayurveda center, you are examined thoroughly so as to determine what all imbalances your body is undergoing and based on that your therapies are customized. There are however certain things that remain the same irrespective of the individual. A day’s schedule of the Panchkarma therapy looks something like this:

  1. You are expected to begin your day early in the morning, starting with mellow Yoga and Meditation practice.

  2. Post that, you are provided with a special kind of tea prepared with different Ayurvedic herbs such as cardamom, cumin, ginger, etc.

  3. Once you’re through with that, your first therapy begins wherein you are provided with an oil massage for the back, head and naval. This is followed by a steam bath that washes all the toxins that were released through the massage.

  4. In lunch, you are provided with a detoxifying meal, prepared with boiled and rice and lentils cooked together, popularly known as Kichadi.

  5. You get your own free time where you can take a nice, calming walk around, reflect upon your thoughts and induce a high amount of positivity within you.

  6. In dinner, you are mostly given something light to consume like boiled vegetables or kichari.

  7. Post dinner, perform some light meditation and head to bed early so that you can wake up the next morning fresh and enthusiastic for the rest of the therapy.

Benefits of Panchkarma Therapy

  1. Removal of toxins

    The oils used during the massage are designed in such a way that when they penetrate into your skin, they are able to break up various accumulated impurities and facilitate a better and healthy arterial and lymphatic circulation. It helps in making nutrients reach your very cellular existence and removes all the waste from your body. The massage further enhances the flow of these wastes so that they can be easily flushed out.

  2. Calming the mind

    The process involves gentle pouring of the Herbal oil on your forehead. This creates a very soothing and relaxing impact on your mind. It synchronizes and coordinates them. This rests all the chaos in your mind and helps you get rid of all the anxieties, stress and negative thoughts. It allows your mind, body, and spirit to connect well.

  3. Boosts the immune system

    The Panchkarma therapy helps in making the nutrients reach deepest cellular levels and allows your body to rejuvenate properly. When it pushes out all the toxins from your body, it simultaneously produces fresh energy within you which helps in building an active immune system.

  4. Helps with sinus

    The head, neck and shoulder massage combined with aromatic steam results in a very therapeutic kind of inhalation activity. This in turn clears all your clogged channels and allows an easy flow of oxygen in your system. It also helps in providing you with relief from any tension accumulated in your neck and shoulder area.

  5. Brings back your skins natural glow

    The herbal paste used during the massage acts as a very effective exfoliating treatment which ensures that your natural radiance is restored. Not only that, the removal of toxins allows the herbal paste to deeply condition your skin, thus making it soft and radiant.

Precautions you need to take

You should avoid taking Panchkarma treatment if you have any severe injury. It is also suggested that one should avoid it in case of pregnancy as it is a rigorous treatment and might affect the birth giver and the baby severely.

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is that your body might be in a need for detoxification but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need this therapy, so make sure that you do consult an Ayurvedic doctor before getting it.

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