Ayurveda has been serving the human community for more than 3000 years since the time it originated in the Southern coast of India in Kerala. The primary aim of this ancient health science is complete wellbeing of the mind and body to establish harmony in the world. While the immune system controls all the disease-related affairs in the body, its preservation is extremely important.

Here is the list of some of the most effective herbs and plants that boost the power of your immune system.

Shiitake Mushroom

Lentinula Edodes is an edible mushroom that has been in use for medicinal purposes in Japan and China for many centuries. Consumption of Shiitake has a substantial impact on one’s health as it is extremely beneficial for boosting the immune system. The health-promoting food contains Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake, etc. that are quite good for nurturing the organs in the body. It is also rich in Vitamin B and D. To get a better result, dip the Shiitake in water before rinsing and cooking in a pawn.


Rosemary is a Mediterranean herb that contains numerous medicinal properties and is used in the treatment of various human disorders. The antioxidant plant is a great immunity booster and a fine stimulator of blood circulation in the body. Native to the Mediterranean region, the flowering plant nourishes the immune organs and betters their ability to fight with disease-causing agents attacking the body. The needle-like leaves of this aromatic herb can be used for culinary purposes to enhance the fragrance of various cuisines. Studies have shown that Rosmarinus Officinalis plays a significant role in improving the health of blood cells.


Ginger is one of the most common herbs used for cooking purpose in the Indian subcontinent. A part of India’s great spice heritage, Ginger is a proven medicine for enhancing the immunity of the body. It is an awesome way to reduce inflammation in the body and a great way to kill harmful microbes. The root of this flowering plant is a strong antihistamine and decongestant. In a number of diseases such as cold infection, common fever, etc. Ginger is a favorite for Indian Ayurveda experts and parents. You can assimilate it in tea also to enjoy its goodness.

Cayenne Pepper

Lack of heat in the body may be the cause of low immunity power in the body. One of the most amazing and popular natural remedies to increase immunity, the antioxidant plant is an eminent producer of calefaction and purifies the blood to keep the body away from the reach of diseases. It also boosts blood circulation so that the Immune system can be nourished perfectly. Cayenne’s a great way of relieving a pain which includes the process of discouraging the pain-producing agents to bring the situation in control.


Echinacea is among the top stimulators of body immunity having the ability to crush all types of viral infections in a moment. The herbal plant sponsors the working of various metabolic activities in the human body. Native to North America, the herb is a great source of polysaccharides that are extremely beneficial for the production of White Blood Cells. A wide range of medicines made from this plant for common diseases is available in the market. Some therapists across the world have claimed that Echinacea is good for relieving the side effects of cancer therapy.


The Central Asian plant is one of the finest inhibitors of harmful microbes. It is common across different parts of the world and is used as a cooking ingredient because of its delicious taste and smell. During the origin of Ayurveda in India, Garlic was introduced into the Indian medicinal system and also in its cuisines. Garlic is both an antiseptic and antioxidant. The herb can be used to discourage cold fever and its ability to enhance the immunity power is simply brilliant.


A part of the Adoxa genus, Elderberry is traditionally a European medicinal plant that is one of the most common plants used for medicinal purpose. It is used as a remedy for cold and flu infections and is said to be high in Vitamin C and dietary fiber. This antioxidant plant as well as the syrup prepared from it is immensely beneficial for the body in case of any viral and bacterial infection. It provides calmness to the body by boosting the circulation of blood in all the body parts and stimulates the immune system.

Natural ways to boost immunity

Apart from the above-mentioned herbs and plants, if one is serious about invigorating his immune system, there are a number of natural methods one should apply in his/her daily life. Ayurveda advocates these strategies in order to keep you and your immune system prosperous.

● Green vegetables and fruits are the best friends of immunity.
● Do not compromise with your sleeping time. 6-7 hours of sleep a day helps in relaxing the body and mind.
● The rays of sunlight also help in maintaining warmth in the body to nurture immunity.
● Say no to smoking and tobacco.
● Practice Yoga daily.

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