Whether a debilitating pain or temporary spasm, joints pain is always unbearable and indicates physical stress and weakness. And both can be cured with the age-old practice of Ayurveda. Explore the blog and know amazing Ayurveda herbs and natural remedies for knee pain.

The affliction in the largest joint of the human body can bring anyone’s life to a standstill. The knee joint is also known as the hinge joint that consists of three parts- femur, tibia, and patella, and permits rotation, extension, and flexion. Debilitating pain in the knee joint, whether it is temporary, post-workout torment, re-surfacing of some old injury, or pain while sitting with cross legs, indicates towards arthritis, physical stress, or the other underlying issue. The pain can either last for few hours or for days, and it becomes exigent to known about the real cause for the same.

Popping in painkillers won’t help in a long run, and switching to the natural alternative like Ayurveda helps. Ayurveda the age-old ancient system of healing that helps to prevent and cure the ailment.

So here we’re mentioning the reason for knee pain, and effective Knee pain remedies and herbs.

What causes knee pain?

Knee joint pains do not only occur due to a single cause, but various issues contribute to the same. Temporary pain causes majorly due to an injury and fades away with the time. But the on-off knee pain means an underlying cause that needs to be rectified and treated. The diseases or condition that causes chronic knee joint pain includes- Tendinitis, Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, Gout, Obesity, Chondromalacia Patella, Baker’s Cyst, Meniscus Tear, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Torn Ligament or Bone Tumors.

No matter what is the condition that leads to knee pain, with these amazing herbs and home remedies for knee pain, one can treat the problem.

Ayurveda Natural Remedies for Knee Pain

1. Aloe Vera

Most commonly used the alternative medicinal herb, Aloe Vera consists of many amazing healing properties that can be used as a juice or apply on the aching joint as an ointment.

2. Willow Bark

One of the oldest and effective herbs for knee pain, joint pain, and arthritis, Willow Bark is used to treat inflammation. Chew a half-inch of the Willow Bark to relieve mild to severe pain.

3. Boswellia

Consist of anti-inflammatory properties that block leukotriene- that is liable to attack healthy joints. The extract of Boswellia is used to treat the knee joint pain.

4. Burdock Root

Also known as Fox root, Burdock Root consists of anti-inflammatory properties. You can avail the root in powdered form, extract, decoction and tincture. Consume it twice daily to relieve pain in the knees.

5. Fenugreek Seeds

An effective pain-reliever crediting to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the seeds are used to treat various issues other than knee pain. Soak 2 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water for overnight, strain, and consume the water or make a paste and apply on the knees.

6. Flax

A great source of consuming Omega-3, which is essential to boost immunity and fight inflammation, and also effective to treat issues related to stomach. Consume 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds daily or add flaxseed oil in your diet.

7. Eucalyptus

Another amazing remedy to try is eucalyptus, especially the oil that has pain-relieving properties and help patients to ease. Apply on the affected area and give a gentle massage. You can also use mustard, coconut and olive oil, and an essential oil like- peppermint.

8. Licorice

A compound name Glycyrrhizin found in the herb helps to relieve the inflammation, and inhibits the enzymes production that reduces the inflammatory process. You can consume it in the form of dried powder, dried herb, tablets, gels, tincture, or capsule.

9. Turmeric

Highly used in India and other South Asian countries for culinary purpose, Turmeric is one magic ingredient that cures pain and many other health conditions. Simply consume warm turmeric milk every night before going to bed.

10. Ginger

Another highly used herb in India culinary and for the medicinal purpose, Ginger cure inflammation, calms arthritis and reduces pain. You can simply consume ginger tea daily.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar

An amazing ingredient to reduce knee pain, restore joint lubricant, and promote mobility, ACV dissolves the toxins present in the knee joint. Add 2 tablespoons of ACV in a warm glass of water, mix and consume it daily before meals.

Also use Thunder God Vine, Nettles, Holy Basil, Mushroom, Tai Chi, Cat’s Claw plant, Holy basil, Cayenne Pepper, Lemon, Dandelion leaves, Epsom Salt, and Carmon seeds as a remedy to cure knee pain.

Knee pain is unpleasant and needs to be treated on time before the situation gets worse. With the incorporation of Ayurveda, along with proper diet, yoga practice, healthy weight, and changed lifestyle, the problem can be solved easily.

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