Meditation Courses in Kerala, India

Embark on the inwards journey and discover your true self with one of the most rewarding yogic disciplines. Learn meditation methods in Kerala with Rishikul Ayurshala’s Meditation Courses

Meditation is one of the most rewarding human activities and an important attribute that can awaken inner powers of vitality. The deep practice of Meditation brings you closer to God by building control and self-awareness and connects you with clarity, love, and joy like never before. It is an action done to drench the quest of finding the ‘Self’ that is integral to yogic discipline. The Self is considered equal to the eternal “Brahman” which is unchanging and invulnerable to the external world in all conditions. It is present in all beings yet hard to find. The only way to find the Self in its full glory is achieving a state of peace and joy.

At Rishikul Ayurshala, you will be learning mindfulness meditation exercises that are directed towards finding the ‘self’ through:

  • Watchfulness: In this exercise, practitioner pays attention to every fleeting sensation in the body, both voluntary and involuntary and the repercussion of the same in the mind or vice versa.
  • Introspection: In this exercise, the practitioner introspects within, beyond the surface and becomes aware of thoughts running endlessly deep in the mind.
  • Mantra Chanting: Mantra Chanting relates directly to verbal power- the power of dhwani or sound energy. Mantras which are composed in the Sanskrit language when chanted verbally, mentally, individually or in the togetherness, intensify mindfulness.
  • Yoga Nidra: Yoga Nidra or Yogic sleep is the practice of restful awareness. It helps individuals rejuvenate their body and mind without falling into passivity.
  • Dance Meditation: It is a great activity to blend the joy of recreation with the exercise of focusing the mind on rhythm, attentiveness, and intuition.

Why Join Our Meditation Courses?

With our Meditation courses, we give you the opportunity to learn and experience the best active and passive meditation techniques embodied in the ancient Indian Vedic knowledge. Whether you come here to learn healing meditation, mantra meditation, or Relaxation meditation, learning and practicing with us will help your mind, body, and intellect to a deeper level. You will learn all the vital techniques of meditation which will empower you to overcome all the obstacles and find your inner voice. In our courses, we offer healing meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction meditation techniques in a comfortable and favorable atmosphere. By taking our guided mindfulness meditation courses in Kerala, you may avail many of physical and psychological benefits such as:

  • Enhance your focus and concentration
  • Boost Immunity
  • Improve your connection with you, and people around
  • Get deep sleep and restfulness
  • Improve your metabolism
  • Stress Relief

Come at Rishikul Ayurshala and learn the unique ways to inculcate meditation in your daily life. Here, learn how to bring meditation to your personal practice by:

  • Giving a few minutes: Your personal meditation practice doesn’t demand too much. All you need to do is commit just a few minutes to immerse yourself at a different level of introspection.
  • Choosing an object of focus: Dig deeper into yourself and ask yourself which object can help you the best to concentrate, overcome distractions and center your mind.
  • Finding a peaceful place: To immerse in deep personal practice, you require a peaceful place with tranquil ambience. Look for a place where you can feel positive, joyful, peaceful, and free.
  • Becoming mindful of your breath: The most important exercise in meditation is using the breath to bring the concentration of thought. Focus on our breath, know how it equates to prana or life force and fills your being with the breath of joy.

A meditative mind is less vulnerable and reactive to the distractions of the external world and leads to a peaceful, joyful and content life. Rishikul Ayurshala will help you achieve a meditative mind. By engaging you in continuous meditation practices, our meditation courses will deepen your consciousness and open up new avenues in thoughts, boost creativity and will take you closer to the universal truth.

Set nearby stunning Varkala beach in the one of the ten paradises of the world- Kerala. Our studios offer a serene, scenic, and peaceful environment that is perfect for immersing in deep meditation practices. Our studio offers everything needful for the learning and undergoing yoga, meditation, and other life healing therapies.

So, come and get enrolled in Rishikul Ayurshala Meditation courses and learn the art of leading a happy and healthier life. To learn yoga and meditation in Kerala with Rishikul Ayurshala, contact


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