The human body is a marvel science. It has a heart that pumps blood, nervous system that controls the functions of the nerves, the immune system that fights the disease-causing bacteria and other vital organs responsible for optimal health and working of the body. Our body is a magical mechanical system that has the ability to heal. But, the erroneous lifestyle and bad habits make us fall prey to the deadly illness and hamper the curing power of the body. Don’t worry as Ayurveda therapy of panchakarma is our light at the end of the tunnel.

Panchakarma treatment is one of the best ayurvedic detoxification therapies that expels all the accumulated body toxins through different actions. The daily hectic life drenched in tensions and turmoil makes it difficult for a person to revitalize. Further, an inactive lifestyle and faulty nutrition exacerbate the situation. The buildup of waste products, toxins in the body is a precursor to several illnesses. Panchakarma therapy effectively cleanses and lubricates the body machine for its effective functioning.

Ayurveda therapy of panchakarma includes five powerful measures (karma) undertaken for a complete detoxification of the body.

  • Vaman (Medicated Emesis): An effectual process that involves elimination of the vitiated waste products (doshas) through the mouth. The treatment starts with an intake of medicinal clarified butter (ghee) in ascending quantities for a period of 4-6 days and include the therapeutic Abhyanga massage. The treatment ends with a sanative vomiting.
  • Virechana (purgation): An ancient technique designed to flush out all the body toxins by making a patient undergo controlled purgation for a few days. The liver detox and colon detox therapies are the modern derivatives of virechana therapy. It is highly beneficial for people suffering from pitta-aggravated disorders like jaundice, dermatitis and chronic fever.
  • Nasyam: It is a procedure where the medicated oils are administered through the nasal passage according to the condition to be treated. Nasal medication produces great results regarding congestion, allergies, hair fall, headaches, and nasal infections. It thoroughly cleanses, purifies, and strengthens the olfactory organ helping you to inhale more fully.
  • Kashya Basti: An exceptionally good ayurvedic technique that involves managing medicated substances through an enema. Kashaya Vasti is a process of giving enema using medicated decoction. The treatment is great for fighting against Vata-dominated conditions like arthritis, piles, and constipation.
  • Raktmokshan: A useful treatment that cleanses the impure blood viable to diseases. It is done either for the whole body or a particular area depending on the underlying condition. It is very effective in treating different skin infections.

Some of the panchakarma benefits:

  • Helps restore the digestive fire for an optimal functioning of the digestive organ
  • Eliminates ama (toxins) from the body and strengthens the organs.
  • Brings all the three doshas in perfect harmony
  • Reduces stress and relaxes the body
  • Elevates the body’s immunity system
  • Improves body strength, vitality, and endurance

Panchkarma is one of the classical Ayurvedic treatments laid in the traditional texts beneficial for treating ailments and maintaining a fulfilling life. Register for panchkarma treatment in Kerala and treat your body in the most natural and wholesome manner.

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    It is true that panchakarma treatment is very powerful and trustworthy. we should have the knowledge of Panchkarma Treatment. Thanks for posting here a great post.

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