Kalaripayattu Training in Kerala

Are you that short-tempered and aggressive type?

Transform your aggression into strength and use it to discipline your mind and combat daily stress by learning one of the oldest surviving fighting systems in the world- Kalaripayattu. Rishikul Ayurshala brings you the opportunity to get bestowed with the knowledge of the mother of all martial arts- Kalaripayattu on its motherland Kerala in the most authentic and inspiring way.

Kalaripayattu- the oldest martial art which originated in Kerala in South India was invented by Agastya Muni—the legendary saint of the ancient ages. What makes this art form stand apart from rest of the fighting forms is that it is not only limited to impressive fighting movements but also intricately linked with yoga and spirituality. The martial skill is about achieving a state of invasive mental discipline that results in fast and fluid physical movement. Over the years, the most graceful combat system in existence has evolved in several ways and has been preserved only in the Indian tradition. With the aim of preserving and disseminating its virtues around the globe, Rishikul Ayurshala is bringing you the complete insights of this exceptional Indian martial art in Kerala through the best of masters of the game.

We, at Rishikul Ayurshala, provide a comprehensive coverage of the various forms of Kalari including all styles, postures, and movements through our course. Learn the Indian martial art in Kerala that offers a unique blend of postures, stances, fighting sequences, and weaponry. The program is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of its primary approach to mindfulness in different styles.

Kalaripayattu and Yoga

Like Yoga, the primary objective of Kalaripayattu is to help the body reach a higher state of consciousness, unveiling the hidden and unexplored potentials of the individual and hence helping people to embark on the spiritual path of becoming one with the Eternal.

Just like yoga wisdom is developed through the consistent practices of postures at the physical level, and by stabilizing the mind through meditation, in the same way, Kalaripayattu develops reflexes and mindfulness by activating the instinct. It draws inspiration from specific traits of various animals like lion, bear, elephant, tiger, snake, crocodile, etc.

Learning both yoga postures and Kalaripayattu postures will sharpen your physiological and psychological skills for fighting and coping with adverse situations.

Specific Skills and Strategies of Kalari

During your Kalaripayattu training in Kerala, you will achieve maximum agility, suppleness, and other physical skills by learning all the pre-choreographed sequences of yoga postures, fitness exercises, playful acrobatics, and defensive combat exercises, and other exercises on which this martial art lies. Some specific strategies of Kalari which will be taught in our training are as follows:

  • Meipayattu: This series of exercise is designed to activating the whole body through powerful movements of legs, hands, hips, and torso.
  • Marichilukal: This acrobatic aspect of Kalari focuses on building instinctive moves for self-defense which include both bare-handed and weaponry attacks.
  • Kaikuththippayattu: This strategy of Kalari involves breath control which is vital for attack and defense as disciplining the breath brings stability in action and preservation of power.
  • Chuvattadi: This refers to stances and attacks on a defensive level. This aspect of Kalari prepares for subsequent attacks, blocking attacks from all four sides at once.
  • Kaithada: This valuable aspect of Kalari focuses on blocking with physical power, dodging, and manipulating the opponent’s stances for self-defense.

As a Performance Form Involving Weaponry and Great Stamina

Kalaripayattu can be symbolized as a performance form which resembles the classical dance forms like Teyayam. Evolved in ancient India, this dance form portrays mythological tales of bravery of legendary heroes and heroines. All the performance forms demand great physical stamina. Parashurama, the legendary slayer of enemies and the master of all martial arts is recognized as the master of this aspect in Kalaripayattu. Rishikul Ayurshala in its Kalaripayattu training focuses on developing combative mindset and knowledge of weapon usage. During your Kalari training in Kerala, you will be provided with the opportunity to learn the interesting combative usage of the axe, small club, hook spear, and towel for self-defense.

Our Kalari training in Kerala will help you attain a sound body and mind. Here, you will be perfectly trained and taught each and every aspect of this Indian martial art form. Our experts will take care of your physical condition including strength, stamina, and flexibility and will train accordingly, enabling you to master the vigorous art form in the safest and effective manner.

Register for Rishikul Ayurshala Kalaripayattu training and enhance your entire being by learning the most intensive and oldest martial art form.

To learn the unique Indian martial art Kalaripayattu, contact here or email info@rishikulayurshala.com


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