Who doesn’t love to be beautiful but hardly do we understand that beauty cannot be without true inner wellness. Ayurveda- the ancient science of life, originating in the birth-land of Vedic holistic sciences in India, was an early propagator of the notion that ‘true beauty’ is a thing of the within and presented an array of interrelated methods for maintaining inner balance concerning diet, lifestyle, and exercise.

The best reviewed Ayurveda cosmetic therapy courses conducted in India today are still carrying forward that legacy of a few thousand years in an unbroken chain, popularizing herbal beauty treatments with the use of oils, special botanical ingredients for detox, inner nurture, and restoration of the biochemical balance in the body.

Here are some specifics you should look for when determining a good Ayurveda beauty course:

Location Significance—A Place of Ayurvedic Heritage

Ayurveda is a science as old as the earth and its evolution is tied to a special place on the map and that is ‘Kerala, India’. In this seaside province, the primarily naturopathy-dependent discipline of Ayurveda is still a mainstream method of cure.

Kerala is yet the biggest center for Ayurvedic research and enjoys the goodness of tropical weather and wilderness conducive for this wellness therapy to flourish. You must come to Kerala to undergo training with the traditionalists, the bounty of nature and natural therapeutic elements available all around, and the long connection of Yoga-Ayurveda with the place.

Hands-on Training

The Ayurveda Study should owe to nothing if there is no hands-on experience of the following—

  • scalp and hair treatment with effective massage
  • face care, facial massage, removal of blemishes and pimples
  • hand and foot care
  • full body wrap, oleation, and massage
  • medicinal steam bathing
  • implementation of different herbs for different anomalies
  • the method of determining of body types—Vata, Pitta, or Kapha according to Ayurvedic biochemical constituency

Only when you have studied practically the above-mentioned cases would you know how to administer beauty treatments according to Ayurveda on your own. Know it first hand at natural beauty treatment courses in Kerala.

Knowing Your Ayurvedic Herbals

There are thousands of discernable plant sources of therapeutic value available in the nature-scape of India. Check for a course that will introduce you to these botanicals, culinary spices, and dietary plant substances of significance in Ayurveda through a well-researched catalogue.

Body Constitution Check-up

Determining one’s body biochemical constitution or ‘dosha-test’ is integral to all systems of Ayurveda, be it for a cure in a specific disease or a beauty therapy. Ayurveda Experts can make out one’s dosha body type and vitiated doshas just on seeing the person. But for beginners in the therapy, it is safer to have applicants fill out a standard dosha questionnaire.

The Concept of Beauty According to Ayurveda- A Theoretical Approach

The theoretical aspect of the course should cover – What is Ayurveda, the Five Elements, and Tri-dosha. The study of beauty therapy must also let you be well-versed in these highly metaphysical aspects of the Yoga-Ayurveda discipline.

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