“Life (ayu) is the combination (samyoga) of body, senses, mind and reincarnating soul. Ayurveda is most sacred science of life, beneficial to humans both in this world and world beyond.”- Chakra

Renowned as the inseparable part of Yoga, Ayurveda is the sister philosophy to yoga. A science of preventative and healing medicine, yoga teaches a natural way of living that’s beneficial for both the body and the mind. The holistic healing system is the gateway towards a healthier happier life.

To step into the world of the ancient science of life of alternative medicine, experience the real Ayurvedic wisdom in its true and authentic form at the land of origin. With Ayurveda courses in India or by undergoing Ayurvedic treatments attain complete wellness under the supervision of eminent teachers and experts.

What is Ayurveda?

Unveil the prehistoric system of healing and curative medicine with the profound study of Ayurveda course. Ayurveda originated in the divine land of India ages ago for the benefit of the human race and is believed to be the oldest form of health care system. Ayurveda today is an effective and efficient way of curing the issues by treating the root cause of the disease and bestows a life of wellness.

Why Ayurveda?

The modern world is plagued by varied ailments crediting to our sedentary stress bound lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping patterns, hectic schedule, and environmental conditions. The scenario results in reduced average human lifespan and increased number of people with diseases. The traditional science with the help of nature treats a wide range of multifarious health conditions.

How to join Ayurveda Courses in India?

The Land of Origin

The birth land of Ayurveda and Yoga, India, is the perfect place to embark the holistic healing journey. The country is renowned for its Ayurvedic treatments and teaching centers and you get the opportunity to garner the authentic learning of Ayurveda. Traverse to Kerala – the land of origin which is encircled with rich culture and nature in abundance.

Certified School with Eminent Teachers

The second step you need to follow is to find the right school with experience, reputation and offer a variety of courses. Kerala is the land of Ayurveda and is renowned for its popular yoga and Ayurveda centers that provide traditional learning of the holistic art. Along with the certified schools, don’t forget to research well about the Ayurvedic teachers and trainers. The teachers should be well qualified and experienced and should be expert of their subject and field.

Choose the Right Course

Ayurveda education offers an array of course options, especially in India. So research well and choose from different courses like:

• Basic Awareness of Ayurveda: The course makes you garner the basic awareness of the ancient holistic system of life that helps you to know about the healing properties that support to achieve great health and longevity. During the course, you learn about five purging treatment that includes – Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti, and Raktmokshana.

• Ayurvedic Massage: Massages is the basic and foremost form of Ayurveda healing that has been the part of rich Indian heritage culture since ages. Massages are of varied types and provide deeper penetration that reaches the tissues and rejuvenate the body. During the course you learn about different Ayurvedic massages, knowledge of herbs and medicinal oils, understanding of marma point and chakra, knowledge of preparing powders, learn about Panchakarma and ways to perform Abhyanga, Podikizhi, Shirodhara, and more.

• Ayurveda Cooking Course: Ayurveda cooking courses is the ideal program to change the lifestyle and adapt healthy eating habits. During the course you learn about Ayurveda, Tridosha and six tastes, basic Ayurveda dietetics principles, importance of good digestion, common health issues regarding food, lifestyle, yoga and Ayurveda concept, introduction of herbs, spices, nature of food, food and seasons, teaching of basic Ayurveda meals recipe, and learning of three different kinds of
food – Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic.

• Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Course: Rejuvenate the skin and find the permanent radiance with the Ayurveda beauty therapy. You will learn about scalp treatment, head massage, face care treatment, hand and foot care, skin care, herbal medicine bath, body constitution check-up and more.
Apart from these basic courses, there are lots of other programs and treatments on offering.

Select all-inclusive Courses

While choosing the perfect Ayurveda course for yourself, it is advised to choose the one that offers an array of options along with the accommodation, food and excursion facilities. The package helps you to have a budgeted Ayurveda course in India, and the excursion provides wider exposure by breaking the monotony of the program.

It is easy to join an Ayurvedic course in India and you just need to invest time upfront to research well for a greater and ineffable learning experience.

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