Increase the pressure of the blood naturally with the help of Yoga and Ayurveda. Read on to know the tips and techniques to increase blood pressure.

There are millions of cells, tissues, and organs in the body and each of them performs different tasks. Within a human body, millions of processes are performed and one among these is Blood Circulation. The process is quite like transportation system that carries an organic molecule from one part of the body to help it reach another part so that the body remains in balance. While the blood is being circulated throughout the body, it puts some pressure on the walls of the blood vessels- Arteries and Veins. This pressure is called as Blood Pressure. Usually while measuring BP, we take the pressure exerted by the blood on the Arteries.

A normal Blood Pressure is considered ideal for a good health but when it begins to lower and raise to abnormal levels then it becomes threatening. Much like High Blood Pressure, a Low Blood Pressure is also the road to numerous health problems. Also known as Hypotension, it can be detected by the following symptoms:

• Lightheadedness
• Fainting
• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Cough

Low B.P range < 90/60 mm Hg

These symptoms can be the result of various actions such as poor eating habits, allergic reactions, blood shortage, wrong medications, etc. A woman may face hypotension during pregnancy. Although keeping yourself away from these is the best preventive method, apply the following natural remedies when seeking ways on how to increase Blood Pressure:

Consume Food With Higher Salt Concentration

Sodium decides the level of our blood pressure to a good extent. Low intake of Sodium mineral can cause Hypotension. It is recommended to eat salty food such as soup, olives, etc. Use of salt-water is also a fine way to boost blood pressure. While using salt-laden food materials, you should avoid the overuse of salt as it might affect negatively to the health.

No Alcoholic Materials

Alcohol causes a lowering of blood pressure and excessive consumption of alcoholic products can have serious damage to the body and health by increasing the BP to a very high level. Hence, in either case, Alcohol is considered unfriendly. Not only it affects the pressure in blood vessels but also the constituents of the blood. Alcohol seriously contaminates the red liquid in the body which is even more dangerous than Hypotension.

Drink More Water and Liquid Products

Water, like many diseases, is the solution to Low BP. While one is suffering from low blood pressure, there is an immense chance of dehydration. Water helps the body sustain during the severe loss of water along with elevating the pressure built by blood on the vessel walls. Apart from water, one can have a glass of fruit juice every day. Natural drinks like Coconut water, Pomegranate juice, Orange Juice, etc., have the power of raising and further stabilizing the blood pressure.

Massage with Rosemary Oil

Massage is also an awesome way to prevent Hypotension from affecting the body. Massage fetches the sensation of energy in the body which is what gets hauled down when the blood pressure goes low. Massage with Rosemary oil helps the blood flow with greater speed and boosts the vitality of the body. Camphor present in Rosemary activates the respiratory as well as the circulatory system.

Tulsi Leaves and Almond Milk

A mixture of Tulsi juice and Honey boosts the blood pressure. Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium, etc., are present in Tulsi that have a good therapeutic effect and spark the flow of blood in the vessels. Almond milk is considered nutritious that gives enough energy to the body. The energetic aspect of Almond oil makes sure the blood and oxygen keep healing the body systems with immense vigor. A glass of Tulsi-Honey juice or Almond milk are the best natural elements for curing Hypotension.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is a great way to bring heartbeat at its best. Any kind of physical activity is good not only for raising the blood pressure but also for the overall fitness of the body. Furthermore, Yoga is also a fine way to boost BP. Apart from the asanas, Pranayama is really awesome for those having low Blood pressure problems. Constant breathing with high intensity makes sure the blood pushes the vessels’ wall with greater force while removing a blocked channel too.

A number of people because of the lack of proper knowledge ignore the symptoms of LBP and invite a big pile of negative outcomes ahead. Sometimes, Low BP leads to multiple chronic diseases which must be checked in their infancy. Following the above-mentioned natural ways of boosting blood pressure would certainly help in leading a well-managed life.

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