The problem of a severe headache a ‘migraine’ is a common issue. A condition that aggravates due to various issues, Migraine can be cured with the holistic treatment of Ayurveda. Explore the blog and know the various Ayurvedic ways of getting rid of a migraine.

Nothing is more annoying than a throbbing headache. One of the most common and under-recognized disorders of a nervous system is a Migraine. A migraine is a severe headache that finds only a temporary cure in the medical books. The issue affects 1 or more in 10 people and occurs due to the excessive stimulation of the blood vessels.

A migraine can aggregate and be caused due to stress, anger, indigestion, excessive exposure to sun, tension, alcohol consumption, intake of salty and spicy food, etc. Through the Ayurvedic treatment, this problem can be safely and effectively managed. Migraines are caused due to an imbalance in the Pitta-Vata Doshas. There are a lot of effective Ayurveda treatments and Ayurvedic home remedies that give the best solution.

So here are the Ayurveda treatments that disclose how to get rid of a migraine and also explain how to get rid of a headache (in general).

Ayurveda Treatment for All Migraine Types

When it comes to how to cure a migraine, these beneficial treatments of Ayurveda can help.

• In Shiro Lepa, the experts apply herbal paste containing jatamansi, camphor, sandalwood, and other herbs in the head region.
• While in Shirodhara, a thin-thick stream of herbal medicinal oil and other Ayurvedic solution is poured on the head region for quite some time.
• Kavala Graha means oil-pulling and is a highly recommended Ayurveda treatment for a migraine.
• Shirovasti is the therapy where the head is covered with a leather cap and through the hollow space medicated oil vata-pitta specific is poured.
• Sneha Nasta is a therapy that takes place through the nasal route and the medicated herbal oil is poured in the nostril.

Ayurveda Herbs for Effective Results

How to cure a headache or a migraine is no more a mystery with these effective Ayurveda herbs for a migraine. Herbs like Hareetaki, Bala, Mallika, Yastimadhu, Kumari, Amalaki, Sariva, Basil, Bay, Butterbur, Catnip and more, relax the muscles, stimulate body process, have anti-inflammatory properties, remove toxins, and reduce stress and anxiety that relieve pain.

How to relieve headache with Natural Home Remedies

When you don’t have time to try the herbs and Ayurveda treatment then these home remedies provide the perfect solutions.

• Soak five to six almonds and raisins each night and eat them the next morning. You can also consume the water they are soaked in.
• Take out the juice of Durva grass and add a pinch of licorice powder. Mix and drink the solution in the afternoon.
• Consumption of ginger benefits, so add it in your diet or drink ginger concoction twice daily.
• Make a paste of crushed nutmeg or nutmeg powder. Apply and massage on your forehead to relieve pain and attain a sound sleep.
• Drink Mint, Lavender, Rosemary, and Chamomile tea for effective and positive results.
The magic of Inhalation and Nasal Drops
Nasal drops and inhalation are great ways of reducing the intolerable pain. You can try these methods for speedy relief.
• With the leaves of jasmine and pomegranate, add salt and make fresh juice, and then add the juice in your nostril.
• Make a paste of saffron and clarified butter and put drops in your nostril and inhale deeply. You can also pour sesame oil in the nostrils.
• Apply sandalwood paste on your forehead or can also apply a paste mixing bhringaraja, rice, and black pepper.
• Pour a few drops of peppermint or essential oil in hot water and inhale for half an hour.

How to treat a migraine with yoga?

Yoga practice with Ayurveda treatment shows speedy results in treating the issues of a Migraine and it is recommended to practice a Migraine-specific easy yoga poses daily. Padmasana, Uttanasana, Balasana, Savasana, Marjariasana, Setu Bandha asana, etc., to name a few.

How to relieve migraine with Ayurveda diet?

A well-balanced diet solves half of the problem and to relieve a migraine one needs to follow a Pitta-pacifying diet. You need to eat sweet, bitter, astringent favoring food and should avoid salty, sour, and pungent tastes.

How to stop a migraine with Ayurveda medicine?

There are certain medications in Ayurveda to treat a migraine headache and you can get easily from the market. But it is recommended to consult an Ayurveda doctor before the consumption.

With all these measures and well-disciplined life, one can help to keep the severe situation at bay. So adapt the practice of Ayurveda and yoga to live an ailment-free life.

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