We all are well aware of the incredible benefits of detoxification. This blog focuses on how to clean your blood naturally and effectively for attaining a disease-free body.

The overall functioning of a human body is primarily dependent on blood, its components, and circulation. From carrying oxygen to supplying nutrients to the immune system, the blood is responsible for transporting the materials throughout the body, thereby helping in maintaining the health and vitality. Also, the blood also transfers impurities to the filtering organs such as liver and kidneys so that the body can be rid of toxins.

The miraculous liver and kidneys do their best in purifying the blood by breaking down and removing waste. How about lending them a little help for deepening the effects of the process? Opt for natural blood cleaning methods that remove impurities as well as rejuvenate the blood so that it can perform its functions optimally.

Here’s how to clean the blood naturally. Take a watchful look at the pointers below:

1. Follow Vedic Detox Diet: The packaged foods, leftovers, synthetically produced delicacies, heavy foods like meat, fries, etc., increase the ama in the body and blood. Therefore, switch to vegetarian, organically cooked, and light foods to stimulate the blood purification process. Broccoli is one of the best blood purifiers as this veggie is loaded with Vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, Omega- 3 acid, etc. It fills the body with antioxidants that aid in blood detoxification and strengthens the immune system. Other fruits that help in blood cleansing are fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, beetroot, jaggery, etc. Another effective how to clean your blood tip is to reduce alcohol consumption, coffee, drugs, and saturated fats that act as toxins and obstruct the body’s healing process.

2. Hydrate the Body: For those interested in how to clean your blood fast tips, we suggest you drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day. Water is a natural purification method that helps kidneys wipe out toxins from the blood in the form of urine and is the best way to stimulate the process. According to Ayurveda, for using water as a blood cleanser, store it in a copper vessel overnight and drink the water on an empty stomach the next morning. The reason is copper cools the liver from excess work and water aids in fast elimination. Also, add herbal drinks, smoothies as they keep you hydrated, improve the health of the liver, and aid in detoxification.

3. Undergo Ayurveda Treatments: The science of Ayurveda incorporates treatments and methods effective in internal cleansing and healing the imbalances. Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic method in which the body is massaged with herbal oils. As the oil penetrates the skin, it loosens the deeply embedded impurities in the blood, allowing them to flow in the digestive tract, from where it is eliminated through the bowel system. Panchakarma is an oldest Ayurvedic detoxification method that is rejuvenating as well. Raktamokshana, one of the five Panchakarma therapies is a procedure, where leeches are used to expel impure blood from the skin.

4. Include Herbs and Spices: In this stressful age and time, there are growing levels of impurities within the blood. Blood cleansing herbs are potent in alleviating the toxins from the blood as well as lymph system, kidneys, and liver, thus promoting good health. The burdock herb contains blood cleansing properties and the high iron content helps in nourishing and strengthening the functions of the filtering organs. Basil is a culinary herb well-known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that eliminate toxins from the body via urine. Learn how to clean blood using these herbs by enrolling in Ayurveda courses in India.

5. Practice Yoga and Pranayama: Another natural, safe, and healthy way of cleaning the blood are to practice yoga asanas and yogic breathing techniques. As you move your body in different directions, the expanding, contracting, and twisting movements, squeeze the toxins out from the body. And, the pranayama practices enhance the blood circulation, thus supporting the detoxification process. The Bikram yoga practices, which is done in a heated room also facilitates detoxification through sweating. Another powerful method of how to clean blood in body is to practice Shatkriyas, the six yogic cleansing techniques.

With these five natural blood detoxifying methods, have a purified blood system and healthy filtering organs.

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