An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”- Benjamin Franklin

Medicinal form of yoga, Ayurveda is an ancient and the world’s oldest holistic health care system that originated thousands of years ago and works on balancing the mind and body. According to the Ayurvedic philosophy, it is believed that our health and wellness depends entirely on the balance between the mind, body, and soul. Ayurveda aims at bestowing and promoting good health, preventing and curing diseases, and treating the root cause of the specific ailment.

In the treatment of Ayurveda, medication and therapies play a vital role that shows fast and effective results. And here we have mentioned some of the important facts related to Ayurvedic treatment and also let you know how long Ayurvedic medicines take to work.

Ayurveda and Life Energy

Ayurveda philosophies believe that everything is correlated to each other, and if the body, mind, and soul are in harmony with the universe you surely have the treasures of good health. Anything that disrupts the balance leads to distorted health, upsets the natural functioning of the being and things that are responsible for the same like climate or seasonal change, emotions, defects at birth, genetics, age, injuries and more.

Ayurveda and Five Elements

The other aspect or stage of Ayurvedic treatment is to know about the five elements or dhatus that are Fire, Water, Earth, Ether, and Air. Ayurveda believes the body is made of these five basic elements and when combining together they form three life energies called Dosha. Imbalance in the dosha leads to sickness or unhealthy body, and each of the Doshas control different body functions.

Ayurveda and Dosha

As mentioned, the unique merger of the elements forms doshas like Vata Dosha (Ether and Air), Pitta Dosha (Fire and Water) and Kapha Dosha (Water and Earth). The diseases or chances of getting sick are highly liable on the imbalance of these.

  • Vata is the most powerful dosha that controls body functions like breathing, mind control, blood flow, intestine, and heart functioning.
  • Pitta controls the metabolism and digestion and controls the process of breaking down of the food and is also linked with appetite.
  • Kapha controls body strength, weight, stability, muscle growth, immunity, and functioning can be disrupted due to sleeping during the day, eating sugary food, etc.

Ayurveda Treatment and Medicine

The treatment plan of Ayurveda varies from one individual to the other, and practitioners have designed a unique plan that focuses on treating the specific issue. Ayurveda treatment carried away in lot many ways including therapies and medications.

But before treating the diagnosed issue, general estimation is given for instant relief, and then the full-fledged treatment took place. During the treatment, the practitioners detox the body through the process of oleation and fomentation. Then the healing process took place that works on treating the root cause of the issue and expelling everything hazardous out form the body.

Ayurveda Medicine and its Benefits

Ayurveda treatment always works on every kind of body issues and the approach is gentle with no side-effects that clears the path for improved wellness and vitality. The practitioners direct potent massage, medicine or remedies to specific organs and tissues to treat the ailment. Ayurveda aims at bestowing you the life of wellness and help to balance the entire being to achieve good health.

The traditional roots help treating the disease and engaging into the Ayurvedic lifestyle is the way out to incorporate Ayurveda in every aspect of your life.

How long Ayurveda Medicine takes to Work?

Ayurveda treats the problem from its root cause and repairs the damage that happens due to the particular issue.

The treatment and healing through Ayurveda medicine depends on the disease. People undergoing treatment of Ayurveda experience improvements within a week or two from the beginning of the treatment or sometimes sooner. But the full course of healing science needs to be completed for the proper treatment and to achieve the best results.

As we said earlier, Ayurveda treats the issue from its roots cause, and with the complete herbal treatment, it can be possible. Always remember the longer the ailments, the longer it will take for the complete restoration of the body.

If you’re undergoing the treatment, you might feel healthy and better very quickly, but it is advised to continue the treatment course as it takes time to rebuild the damaged muscle and tissues fully.

Does it Work?

Many pieces of research and studies claim that Ayurveda, the oldest holistic healthcare system is the best way to treat various illnesses and also to prevent many of them. With the Ayurveda training, learn to heal yourself and others who participate in this alternative therapy of achieving well being.

Ayurveda medicines are effective, but it is always advised to take a recommendation from an expert.

Prevent and heal yourself with the mystical powers of the ancient system of holistic science, and live a life of wellness.

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