Inscriptions and other historical findings point to the fact that a system was developed some five millennia ago in the Indian traditional system, for the purpose of providing herbal and natural health care. This system, known by the name of Ayurveda has been one of the most spectacular contributions to the medical system worldwide and with time has become one of the most prominent alternatives to Western medical care.  One of the most famous and efficient therapies that come under this system is the Ayurvedic massage therapy.

We are in an age where we hear our elders consistently telling us not to rely completely on medicines. While we have been naïve enough to ignore the advice time and again, we do get to see how much this medication can sometimes cause severe side effects. The Ayurvedic massage courses in India can be an alternative to a lot of these medications and heal your body efficiently while simultaneously keeping it strong enough to beat any future ailments.  It is a holistic healing therapy that nourishes your body and balances the three doshas within. It can be a great way to help you achieve fuller well-being and longevity in life. Given below are a few ways how this Ayurvedic massage therapy turns into a medical system.

  1. Lubrication of the joints

    Stiff joints are not just the problem of old age anymore. Our lifestyle has become such that we often end up sitting in the same position for long hours. And with a packed regular schedule, we hardly get the time to compensate for that and indulge in some physical activities. Coupled with poor dietary habits, people from a very young age have started facing joints and bone-related issues, because of that. Not every time can you take a pill for this, and not every time will medication be a solution. This is where you bring yourself to enter the world of Ayurveda massage which effectively work over back and Joint Pain. When herbal oil is applied near your joint, it penetrates through your skin and removes any kind of inflammation or stiffness in your bones. The massage also facilitates a better blood flow towards the concerned area ensuring a collection of healthy bones for you.

  2. Skin rejuvenation

    Skin related problems can have a myriad of reasons. Some can be biological while others can be just acquired from the environment. Your skin often gets affected due to the change in seasons, growing pollution, water impurity, and so and so forth. But believe it or not, massage therapy is one of the best beauty treatment in Ayurveda to fight various types of skin problems. Not only that, but it also has the ability to reduce the aging effects on the skin. The oil penetrates within your skin allowing it to become soft and supple. It allows your skin to breathe and lubricates it to maintain a healthy process of hydration. It also strengthens it and creates a glowing effect making it look fresh as ever.  A regular massage would ensure that crackling and dryness never enter your door.

  3. Helps with back and spine related problems

    Back and spine related problems have become tremendously widespread these days. Not only is it painful, but it can also be a cause of other related problems such as chronic headache and wrong posture. You can talk to the greatest experts in this field, all of them will tell you the same thing that such an ailment can’t be treated through medicines. You are often recommended to exercise, but it doesn’t stop there. Ayurvedic massage therapy can turn the tables for you drastically. Like with the joints, the oil used during the massage helps in relieving any kind of inflammation in your muscles and bones. The kneading done on your back helps in relieving any kind of knots formed in your muscles as well as opens any kind of blockage in your nerves. It relaxes your back and also helps you maintain a good and right posture.

  4. Reduces stress and anxiety

    Experiencing a great degree of stress and anxiety can have very negative impacts on your physical and mental well-being. Some people find the solution to it in therapies, while some indulge in the process of self-introspection. We often also resort to medicines that can be more of a chaos than a treatment. Ayurveda massage therapy is that one solution for anxiety that has nothing but guaranteed positive results to offer.  The massage, first of all, deeply nourishes your mind and body creating a very healthy and positive balance between the two. The process of massaging a body isn’t a mechanical one. It offers you the kind of warmth which can make you feel happy, relaxed and loved. It relaxes every inch of your body, from the head to the toe. This way, your mind reaches an unparalleled level of calmness thus allowing it to think practically and cope with stress rather than just letting it create a negative impact on your entire being.

    The sages and Maharishis developed a system ages ago and it continues to offer such spectacular solutions to date. Ayurveda has been spreading its magic worldwide to help everyone enjoy its benefits. Now that you are aware of all the things it has to offer, you know what to do the next time one of these problems create havoc in your system.

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