Top 5 Ayurvedic Herbs for Brain Disorders

The brain is the central controller of the body. The amazing three-pound organ, brain, regulates functions of the body, interprets outer information, and embodies the essence […]

Top 7 Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda medicine originated in India during the Vedic period. It’s the world’s oldest medicinal system promoting the use of herbal compounds, special diet and other health […]

The Different Types of Treatments in Ayurveda

Since time immemorial, Ayurveda is an all-important part of our healing culture. Originating nearly 5000 years ago, Ayurveda has been rendering its services to mankind for […]

The Role of Ayurveda in Healthy Life

Human life is a precious gift of Mother Nature. Man is a miniature of nature. Another precious gift of nature is Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an Indian […]
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