Exclusive 20% Discount on Ayurveda Skin Care Training Courses in Kerala, India

When it comes to skincare, most of us tend to be picky about what products to use, which beauty routine to follow, who to get the […]

Take Ayurveda Retreat in Kerala at 20% Discount to Enhance Healthy Living Prospects

Living in a fast-paced world has its own drawbacks. It becomes evident when you start feeling tired and blocked at regular intervals. However, you can easily […]

Ayurveda Beauty Course Guidelines to Drive Maximum Benefits

Disenchanted with store-bought ‘beauty creams’ and ‘guaranteed pimple removal solutions’? It’s time for you to culture a different kind of ‘beauty’ following the Ayurvedic guideline. Fresh, […]

Avail 20% Discount: On the Importance of Ayurveda Herbs for Head and Eye Treatment

To quote Heraclitus “The eyes are more exact witnesses than the ears.” There is no denying that there exists an indispensable connection between the eyes and […]
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