Being overweight or obese is gradually becoming a toxic trend of the modern lifestyle. People are falling prey to the problem of weight gain across the globe. There are several underlying factors behind this – inactive lifestyle, stress, unhealthy eating habits, irregular diet, consumption of calorie-driven complex food, medical history, genetic disorder, family history, low Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and many more. However, surrendering to these issues is not the ideal way to lead a lifestyle. Fighting and treating it is the way to go. Whatever the reason, there is only one ‘enemy’ in this equation and that is ‘Fat’ or ‘Medha’ (in Ayurveda). This fat continues to get stored in the body when the calorie intake exceeds the calorie burn in a human body. This accumulation of fat deposits requires instigation and breakdown to be disposed of. While a number of people resort to crash diets, skipping meals, hazardous weight loss pills, etc., for instant and easy ways out of this ‘excessive weight’ condition, the science of Ayurveda proposes the safest and the most effective Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss.

The Ayurvedic Weight Loss is a permanent and painless solution with negligible side effects to the problem of overweight and obesity that one can only feel inspired to research and test the gifts of this science even more. There are various holistic healing services Kerala, India who provide the best obesity treatment in Ayurveda. To reflect further, here are the best Ayurveda Treatments for Weight loss that have been repeatedly tested and verified since ages:


This therapy utilizes a mixture of special herbs, powders, essential oils applied to the entire body in the form of a paste using strong hand movements. The application process results in the breakdown of cellulite and various other fat deposits in the body. In addition to fat and cellulite reduction, the therapy also imparts a healthy glow and tone to the skin.


This therapy functions on the earth element which is a major cause of excess fat deposits. The simulation of this earth element is done by rubbing dry Ayurvedic powders on the entire body. The beauty of this treatment is that in addition to weight loss, the therapy also works on balancing the Kapha Dosha in the body.

Kashaya Vasti

This one may be slightly uneasy to undergo as it follows the method of feeding Ayurvedic emetics to safely flush out excess fat deposits and harmful toxins from the body. But the therapy gives amazing outcomes.


The Panchakarma Therapy is ideal for those suffering from metabolic disorders such as a low BMR. The therapy is highly effective in cleansing the excess fat from the body while increasing its metabolic rate in addition to imparting an outstanding glow to the skin.

Here are few of the wonderful Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss that you may try at home and see a sizable difference in fat reduction within four weeks of following these:

  • Schedule a regular intake of three meals in a day where lunch should be heaviest while breakfast should be medium and dinner should be comparatively light (as the body needs to detoxify at night)
  • Consumption of Ayurvedic Herbs for Weight Loss such as black pepper, horse gram, ginger, cinnamon, etc. is highly recommended. These herbs not only work on burning the fat but also work as excellent Ayurvedic Medicine for Digestion. If you are not comfortable with eating these in a raw state then these can be added to food preparations.
  • Drink plenty of water during the day.
  • The science of Ayurveda suggests fasting comprising of raw salads, clear vegetable soups, and water at least once a week to internally detoxify and cleanse the system while the body also dispels stored fat in this process.
  • Avoid rich dairy products and refined flours completely.
  • Take plenty of rest and a disciplined sleep. Ayurveda recommends waking up with the Sun to kick-start the body’s metabolic process and the mind’s on a healthy, disciplinary note.

If you wish to gain an in-depth knowledge of this traditional healing science of Ayurveda then visit Ayurveda Training Institute in India. Additionally, Ayurveda Training Institute in Kerala, India offers the best treatment and programs in Ayurveda to the visitors and enthusiasts from across the globe.

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