Basic Awareness of Ayurveda and Its Lifestyle (25 hours)

Ayurveda is a consciousness-based approach to health, life, and spirituality. This life-giving science is centred on Swasthaya or health. ‘Swas’ refers to the ‘self’ and ‘Stha’ refers to ‘centered’. It focuses on all the three major aspects of a human being- the mind, body, and soul. Someone who focuses on the ‘self’ will master all the three facets and attain a life beyond imagination.

To outstretch this objective, the Ayurvedic science with small and big ways, techniques, methods, and intricate details lighten up the route of an aspirant. We at Rishikul Ayurshala offer a series of courses for Ayurveda lovers to learn the ancient philosophy from the Vedic literature of Indian rationality.

Basic Awareness on Ayurveda and Its Lifestyle (25 hours)

It is a beginner’s course for both national and international trainees and students. The students will acquire the knowledge of Ayurvedic techniques from the hands of experienced and certified Ayurveda experts. The course is of seven days and offers 25 hours of profound training and knowledge of Ayurveda awareness, techniques, and methodologies. A perfect course for the willing and curious minds, the course provides the basic facet of the Ayurvedic science and gradually unfolds the layers.

The course provides an in-depth knowledge to understand the principles, techniques, methods, concepts, and ideas behind practicing the Ayurvedic science. This course benefits aspiring herbalist, Ayurveda experts and even a common man as it gives a proper understanding of six tastes, five elements, and three Doshas. All these things bring harmony as we just need to understand the origin of our existence and the root cause of the problem.

The learning you gain in this course will be utilized to balance and adjust your life. You can also give Ayurvedic healing to your family and companions to enable them to rise above the day-to-day stress, tension, transcend pressure, etc. The course also helps you to focus on the do’s and don’ts to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Yoga is a journey of self, to the self, and through the self, and this course is a gift from the self to the self.

The learning picked up in this course will be utilized to adjust lives and you can likewise give Ayurvedic recuperating to your family and companions to enable them to transcend pressure, the strain of day by day destruction.

Course Curriculum

The immense knowledge of Ayurveda has been weaved impeccably in a 25-Hour program to offer the utmost information to the students. The course flow will be:

  • Introduction to the Ayurvedic Science
  • Learn the art of Ayurveda medication
  • Aim and Object of Ayurveda
  • Knowledge of Health and Vitality through Ancient wisdom
  • Understanding of five elements or Panchamabhuta
  • Understanding of three elements or Tridosha
  • Understanding of seven metals of Human Body or Sapta Dhatu
  • Understanding of six tastes of Human Body or Rasa
  • Knowing the common and root causes of ailments
  • How to involve Ayurvedic Principles in Lifestyle
  • Ayurveda Treatments and Ayurvedic Remedies
  • Detoxification Treatments or Panchakarma

The course majorly focuses on the theoretical understanding and learning of the Ayurvedic science, this course lays the base of advanced studies in the same field. Ayurveda practitioners and experts will take the students through a visual comprehension of the practical knowledge of a few Ayurvedic treatments.

Basic Requirement for the Course

Basic Awareness of Ayurveda and Its Lifestyle is a beginner’s course and doesn’t require any prior knowledge or degree in the same. To pursue an advanced course in the same field all the students and yogis need to have a certification or a degree in Basic Awareness on Ayurveda and Its Lifestyle, as this course is important for a better knowledge, understanding and for a healthy foundation.

Benefits of the Course

The course benefits both a beginner and a higher-level practitioner. It is designed in a manner which provides an in-depth base knowledge of Ayurveda to the students and even to a common man.

  • Certification from an affiliated organization
  • Education and training from authentic Ayurveda experts
  • Learn the balance of mind, body, and soul
  • Reduction of tension and stress
  • Understanding of inner-self
  • Understanding of herbs and oils
  • Understanding of Ayurvedic techniques to treat diseases
  • Understanding of ailments and diseases
  • Enhanced relationship with self and dear ones
  • Boosted Self Confidence
  • Increased Body Energy
  • Understanding the nature of food- hot or cold
  • Understanding of utilization of herbs spices and other food items
  • Lifestyle and eating habits change

Register for Rishikul Ayurshala’s Basic Awareness on Ayurveda and Its Lifestyle for a better understanding of inner-self, healthy body, and lifestyle.

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