Ayurveda Treatment in Varkala

Varkala in Kerala is a land of natural treasures! Getting an Ayurvedic treatment in the healing atmosphere of Rishikul Ayurshala in Varkala, Kerala is the goal of every yogi and wellness enthusiast. Ayurveda treatment is highly therapeutic and addresses present imbalances in the body which can be triggered by factors – lifestyle, disease or weather. This is your opportunity to experience the most authentic form of natural medicine from its true practitioners and embrace a life of vigor, health and happiness.

Get ‘into the wild’ and immerse into the traditional concepts of Ayurveda with Rishikul Ayurshala in this modern era. Make your soul a firefly that is lighting up in the dark and let the refreshing nature of Kerala flush down all the toxins from your body, making it pure and detoxified. Gain peace in this forest land which is drenched in beauty with its backwaters, palm trees, dense woodland, with the perfect ingredient of Yoga!

Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurvedic wellness is the product of a transformative yogic experience under the learned professionals or doctors of Ayurveda. At Rishikul Ayurshala, you can select from a range of Ayurveda treatments for your harried soul. From holistic health enthusiasts to yoga spirituality seekers, our treatment programs are meant for everyone who wishes to attain a healthy body and mind through age-old practices that started in the Vedic era. Here’s a look at some of our offerings:

  • Panchakarma treatment, which consists of various therapies like Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti, and Raktmoshana.
  • Weight Loss therapies like Udvartana to burn cellulite, Utsadana, and Udgharshana.
  • Beauty treatment includes Mukha Lepanam (Herbal Face Pack), Padma Abhyangam (Foot Massage), Shiro Mukha Abhyanagam (Head Massage with Facelift massage), Madhu Abhyangam (Body Massage with Honey), Lavanya (Ayurvedic Herbal Facial), Twak Prasadanam(Herbal Body Pack), Kesini (Ayurvedic Hair Treatment)
  • Sinus and Migraine is an amalgamation of Kavala Graha or Gandusha, Upanaham, Nasal Polyps, Steam Inhalation, Shirodhara, Shireolepana, and Shirioabhyanagam.
  • Rejuvenation and Anti-stress treatments for emotional stability and mental clarity involves Abhyangam (Ayurvedic Oil Massage), Thalam and Thalapothichil, Njavarakizhi and Njavaratheppu, Schizophrenia treatment, Podikizhi, Yoga, and Meditation.
  • Anti-aging remedies like Sneha Vasthi, Nasya, Kashaya Vasthi, Elakizhi, Snehanam, Abhyanga, etc.
  • Head and Eye treatment consists of Nasya Basti, Nasya Karma and Netra Dhara.
  • Ayurveda treatment and therapy available for hair loss in both men and women.
  • Reproductive system treatments are available in the form Shatavari treatment, herbal medication, detoxification and more.
  • Special program for women wellness includes treatments like Dhanyamladhara, Abhyanga, Udwartana, Pariseka, Mutha lepa, Shirodhara and Pichu.
  • Back and joint therapy treatment includes practices like Abhyangam, Kati Vasti, Vasti as well as herbal medications like Purnava, Mustard Powder, Kaishore Guggulu, etc.
  • Blood purification treatment consists of two procedures – Anushastra Visravana and Shastra Visravana.

Why Enroll in this Program with us?

  • Learn the healing values for the right constitution of the body.
  • Know about 6 states and the significance of Tridosha.
  • To let go of the stress, tensions, pain, these Ayurvedic therapeutic sessions contribute a great deal in the nurturing of the human body and mind.
  • Extract the benefits from the technical combinations of Ayurvedic herbs and spices.
  • Get your oil treatments done to reenergize the body with puncture point massages.
  • Cleanse and purify your physical and mental state with Ayurvedic treatments.
  • Relax and Rejuvenate with this successful Ayurvedic expedition at Varkala.
  • Feel lightheaded, nourished, and transformed after enrolling in any of the Ayurvedic treatments of Rishikul Ayushala.

Who is this Program Ideal For?

This program is certainly ideal for people who are seeking ways to get out of stress, depression, pain, illnesses, and chronic diseases. The Ayurveda treatments are designed to make the mental, physical, and emotional levels balanced so that people can live a life of abundance. The essence of this program is most suitable for the present millennial of the society who get no time to take a break for themselves from their busy-scheduled jobs.

To get away from the mess, the chaos, the polluted environment, one needs to gain a clearer picture of the world through the power of nature to regain the motivation they have started to lose. Varkala in Kerala is the first and the last destination which gives you a retreat experience when it comes to healing thyself with the efficient use of Ayurveda. Anybody can join the mentioned programs at Rishikul Ayurshala for the service they are looking for, with no age restrictions or barriers.


Around the floral trails and organic gardens of herbs lies the magnificent natural treasure of Rishikul Ayurshala. At this center, visitors experience the healing magic of nature as the soul is pampered with the clean air, and the mind is calm in the isolation of the wilderness. Well furnished, beautifully maintained, ambient spaces are created for a comfortable stay of the visitors which makes it easier for them to heal in the lush green surroundings.

The rooms are available with an option of both- shared and private basis (prices differ). The amenities for the guests include private washrooms, twin beds, Wi-Fi, efficient customer service, and much more where you can replenish and heal in nature's haven.


A spiritual experience requires fostering of the spirit both internally and externally. Food plays an important role in creating a transformed being as the diet has to be fulfilling and nourishing. Three vegetarian meals are served with the option of herbal drinks per day to the participants of the programs.

This Ayurvedic diet helps in detoxification by flushing out the toxins from the body and purifying it from within. Fresh Ayurveda herbs add value to the mind, body, and soul of the healing individuals.

Outcomes of Our Ayurveda Treatments

  • Heal your mind, body, and soul.
  • Get professional treatment with all the natural resources available.
  • Gain technical knowledge of the therapy sessions you can perform at home.
  • Explore the secrets of holistic health and wellness with Ayurveda.
  • Expand your knowledge and insights on the traditional concepts of Ayurvedic science.
  • Learn the principles and techniques of making medicines with useful herbs and spices.
  • Maintain a stress-free life with the systematic learning of authentic Vedic methods.
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