Ayurvedic Massage Course in Kerala, India

Massage forms the basis of healing in the Indian Vedas and has been a part of rich Indian heritage and culture since time immemorial. With such a great step arises the need of an efficient Padachathushtaya or efficiently trained Ayurveda therapist. The fruition of a therapy depends on the hands of this person and an agile and a refined therapist can do wonders to any treatment. Ayurveda institutes and centers are in search of such fine and trained therapists and many yoga practitioners too find this course to be truly beneficial to master the art of yoga more profoundly.

A straightforward course for the Ayurveda lovers, Ayurvedic massage course is a definitive way to gain hands-on experience about the Panchakarma treatments and Ayurveda treatments from the mother of Ayurveda, i.e. Kerala. The authentic massage course is an extension to the Basic Ayurveda Awareness Course and Its Lifestyle, which is also offered by the Rishikul Ayurshala. The theoretical application of all the information gathered in the beginner’s course is put to practice here. The course will speak about how to heal the patients with their hands. Be it yoga teachers, aspiring masseuses, or an Ayurveda enthusiast, the knowledge about the human body, Chakras, Marma points, Nadis, and other vital energy points will entice one and all.

Unlike the regular urban medical treatment, the Ayurvedic massage treatments open new gateways to the wisdom of life and enable the practitioners to root out the diseases permanently or deeply for a long time. Starting with the basic Ayurveda knowledge, the course focuses primarily on the practical aspect ranging into seven days for 25 hours. Apart from this, basic knowledge of oils and herbs will also be offered so that the students can mix and make specific medications for specific diseases with ease.

Ayurvedic Massage Course (25 hrs)

Ayurvedic massage training course is a beneficial course for the Ayurvedic lovers and for those who want to get profoundly skilled in the art of Yoga Massage therapy. This Ayurvedic massage therapy course is an ultimate way to gain deep knowledge and experience about Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatments from the land of Ayurveda, i.e., Kerala in India.

Ayurvedic Massage course is an addition to the Basic Ayurveda Course and Its Lifestyle and is offered by Rishikul Ayurshala. The course will provide all the theoretical and practical information about how to treat the patients with their hand, or how to learn ayurvedic massage. The course provides an in-depth knowledge of the human body, Nadis, Marma points, energy points and chakras, which allure Ayurveda enthusiasts, aspiring yogis, and masseuses, as well as yoga teachers.

Ayurvedic massage treatments are not like regular medical treatments, as it enables the expertise therapist to root out the ailment permanently or deeply for long. The course provides basic and key knowledge of Ayurveda, as it primarily focuses on the practical aspect of the treatment and provides training for 25 hours in seven days. Ayurvedic Massage classes also provide the basic understanding of herbs and oils so that students can learn how to mix and make medications for a specific ailment.

Course Curriculum

The Ayurvedic massage training course in Kerala by Rishikul Ayurshala offers a uniquely designed course curriculum, which covers all the facet of Abhigyanam or the Kerala ayurvedic massage.

  • Introduction and fundamental theory of Ayurvedic Science
  • Principles of different Ayurvedic massages
  • Ways to examine the ailments and diseases
  • Understanding of Marma point and chakras
  • Understanding of different herbs, oil, and medicinal plants
  • Methods of making Ayurvedic medicines through herbs and oil
  • Knowledge about preparing medication powders
  • Ways to perform Abhyanga or Ayurvedic Massage
  • Ways to perform Podikizhi (Potli or Bolus massage) with herbal powders and oils
  • Ways to perform Shirodhara (Oil Treatment for the Head)

Basic Requirement for the Course

This is an advanced course which pre-requires some primary knowledge of Ayurveda and its aspects. Usually, in this school of Ayurvedic massage therapy training, Rishikul Ayurshala suggests their trainees and students do the beginner’s course, ‘Basic Awareness of Ayurveda and Its Lifestyle’. But if the students are running short on time, they can contact the school beforehand so that we can provide some prior classes to the students on a special plea.

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Benefits of the Course

This practical and theoretical Ayurvedic massage certification course has effective long-term benefits both for the beneficiary and benefactor. Here are some benefits of the courses which students will take back with them after the completion of the program.
  • Ayurvedic massage certification from affiliated organization
  • Training from the finest and experienced Ayurveda practitioners
  • Understanding of Ayurveda and its aspects
  • Better relationship with self, family and even with friends
  • Peaceful and calm attitude
  • Knowledge of the energy centers of the body and chakras
  • Understanding of energy, aura, and spiritual development
  • Certified massage trainer
  • Learn to combat ailments and understanding of diseases
  • Understanding of different types of herbal plants and oils
  • Bossed up self-confidence

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