Across the globe, millions of people suffer from Asthma every year. This respiratory disease usually occurs when the airways in the lungs become narrow. However, multiple reasons have been found behind this development in the respiratory system, some of which include – continuous exposure to polluted air, feeling low or emotional stress, and over exercise etc. In fact, these issues are so dangerous that if not treated, then it can create a severe damage to your airways and make you Asthmatic. Interestingly, Ayurveda for Asthma treatment is gaining prominence these days due to its overall effectiveness.

Common Ayurveda Tips for Asthma

In Ayurveda, bad digestion is regarded as the major reason behind Asthma. The weakness of the digestive system leads to an oversensitivity of your body to pollen, dust and other such substances. Besides, a deposition of mucus in the lungs also creates an obstruction in your breathing and triggers regular coughing. In this situation, relying on home remedies for Asthma can prove extremely beneficial.

To get a clear idea, you can try these substances with the assistance of a regular Ayurveda practitioner:

Garlic: For ages, garlic has been used in households to cure cardiovascular diseases, mainly due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics. This makes garlic perfect for an inflammatory disease like Asthma as it contains Vitamin C and Allicin which fights free radicals responsible for the contraction of respiratory muscles. Besides, garlic also increases the production of Prostacyclins that helps in keeping your lungs clean for breathing comfortably.


Turmeric: It helps in dilating the blood vessels that lead to a smoother breathing process. Besides, adding a substantial amount of Turmeric in food can also minimize the swelling in your lungs, which might cause a blockage in the airway. When encountered with Asthma, your lungs start overreacting to allergy. However, the anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric can work wonders by preventing chemicals causing allergy in your immune system.


Ginger: Among the vast list of Ayurveda herbs for Asthma, Ginger is frequently recommended by doctors. This herb has components that include gingerols and shogaols that are anti-inflammatory and analgesic in nature. So, eating ginger can definitely reduce inflammation and make you less dependent on steroids and drugs. Apart from this, Ginger is also found to have antioxidant qualities which clean the toxic chemicals produced by the body and lowers down the stress level that is also responsible for asthma and other respiratory issues.


Honey: This is widely used in the treatment of Asthma due to its antioxidant properties. Regular (but limited) intake of honey can boost your immune system and ensure perfect protection of your lungs from the side effects of common cold and flu.


Ayurvedic system of treatment categorizes Asthma under the ‘Shwas Roga’ and tries to find the solution accordingly. You can also expect instant relief by following the expert recommended Ayurveda for Asthma medication that is done to clear your lungs from all sorts of respiratory obstructions.

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