Ayurveda Courses in Varkala

“Your body is precious It is a vehicle for awakening Treat it with care” ~ Buddha

Kerala is the mystical destination which reveals the power of nature to fix the imbalanced living beings. From the backwaters to the dense forests, the purified air to the serene landscape around the coconut trees, Kerala is beautiful! Our courses in the healing center of Kerala are a therapeutic entry towards a more holistic being. This land is idolized for being the transformer of the troubled minds who are looking to add more value to their lives by educating themselves with the Vedic science of Ayurveda. As the allopathic medicines focus on the management of a disease, Ayurveda, on the other hand, works on the prevention of diseases and to eliminate it from its root cause. In the Ayurveda courses in Kerala, you will discover how certain elements can affect the life of an individual with Vata dosha, Pitta dosha, and Kapha dosha. The Ayurvedic courses are administered in a traditional way to run the programs of basic awareness, Ayurvedic massage, Cooking courses, Beauty courses, Kalaripayattu, Meditation and Yoga teacher training.

Who can Participate in the Courses?

As the new age is facing mental disturbance, physical imbalance, and spiritual disconnect, the Ayurvedic courses that are being offered by Rishikul Ayurshala in Kerala manage to keep you away from the illnesses, diseases, stress, and other health complications. The courses are ideal for:

  • Body workers and massage therapists
  • Licensed health care practitioners
  • Students interested in Ayurvedic research projects
  • Business entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to lead a happy, healthy life and learn more about his/her body

What Do You Learn from Our Ayurveda Courses

The comprehensive Ayurveda courses of Rishikul Ayurshala aim to deepen and enhance the understanding of this ancient science in the most efficient manner. These are the courses we offer:

Basic Awareness on Ayurveda

This is a beginner level course that offers in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda. The 7/10/14 Day course focuses on the principles, techniques, methods, concepts and the science behind Ayurveda. Get clarity on the concepts of Tri dosha (Body Types), Panchamabhuta (Five Elements), Sapta Dhatu (Seven Metals of Human Body), and the Six Rasa (Tastes). Develop a better understanding of the Ayurvedic lifestyle and gain knowledge of Ayurvedic remedies and treatments.

Ayurvedic Massage

This is a 7 Day specialized course to gain hands-on experience about the Panchakarma treatment and other popular Ayurveda treatments. Refine your profound skills and master the art of Ayurveda Massage therapy. The course offers in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, Nadis, Marma points, Energy points, and Chakras. Develop a better understanding of different oils and herbs and prepare Ayurvedic medicines.

Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Course

This 7-Day course offers a basic understanding of Ayurvedic science, relevant to the theoretical and practical aspects of beauty. Learn the important remedies, ayurvedic lifestyle tips, and skincare treatments to enhance natural beauty. The course offers in-depth study for scalp and hair treatment, face care treatment, hand and foot treatment, and the application of herbal medicines.

Yoga Teacher Training course in Kerala

We offer 200 Hour, 300 Hour, and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training courses to spread the ancient and traditional wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda. The Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level courses offer a better understanding of Yoga Asanas, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, and other aspects of Yogic practice along with a proper introduction to Ayurveda. The courses are taught by professional teachers with years of experience in yoga and Ayurveda.

Accommodation and Food


Unwind and relax in the pristine beauty of nature amidst the palm and coconut trees. Experience a traditional style living combined with the modern amenities for an enriching stay. The architecture of the bamboo huts religiously follows the values of the Vastu Shastra to incorporate traditional science. The consciously designed lodging facility with sustainable products such as bamboos, coconut leaves, and wood, will truly uplift your stay with us. The state of the art accommodation facility will redefine the meaning of beauty with splashes of culture and innovation. Shared and Private rooms are available at different prices with the amenities of twin beds, attached washrooms, customer service, etc. Elevate and uplift yourself at the most suitable accommodation for self-improvement.


Vegetarian food is served three times a day, keeping in mind the sattvic nature for internal and external transformation. The traditional cuisine is prepared with a blend of Indian spices and herbs making the platters both appetizing and healthy. Herbal drinks are also offered to the participants of the program to purify the body from unwanted toxins. Let nature set an imprint on your body by making it the temple you worship for the rest of your life to have a healthy, nourishing life.

What are the Outcomes of Our Training Programs

  • Enjoy a balanced state of mind, body, and soul.
  • Get rid of stress, tension, anxiety, and other uncomfortable emotions.
  • Gain inner peace by using the protected wisdom of Ayurveda.
  • Learn how to use Ayurvedic herbs and spices for your benefit and of others.
  • Practical awareness of Ayurveda principles, Panchkarma treatment, Massage techniques, Ayurveda treatments and more.
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