Disenchanted with store-bought ‘beauty creams’ and ‘guaranteed pimple removal solutions’? It’s time for you to culture a different kind of ‘beauty’ following the Ayurvedic guideline.

Fresh, glowing skin is not, after all, a thing of the myths but in actuality has more to do with inner body balance, a detoxed system, and a heart full of joy. As chemical face packs cannot determine these vital factors, their guarantees often fall flat. On the other hand, we have Ayurvedic beauty courses in Kerala- the heartland of Yoga-Ayurveda wellness, where a holistic way of good living is prescribed for a long lasting true beauty.

These courses will address a diverse spectrum of issues that might affect your skin health and tarnish its naturally beautiful appearance, providing a substantial herbal remedial solution for each. You will benefit immensely if you study Ayurveda beauty therapy systematically to recognize all of these factors and their holistic Ayurveda cure, keeping a general guideline of steadfast discipline in diet, exercise, and applied treatments—

Learn About Ayurvedic Food Values and Adopt a Vegetarian Diet

Ayurveda has a patient approach towards deeply-rooted habits of its followers. There is no dictum to leave meat right away but the discipline inherently ethically discourages meat consumption. There are two reasons for this value—one, it is considered ethically inappropriate to become a living tomb for animals, them being very sentient living beings and two, meat is hard on the digestive system and often fails to assimilate in the human body.

If you really want to be truly beautiful, you cannot carry the ethical guilt of animal killing and the physical toxins produced from it. It is more sensible to embrace vegetarianism and better still, veganism.

Undergo Frequent Inner Detox Treatments

Ayurveda insists that we make detoxing part of our weekly process to enhance natural rejuvenation in our hair and skin. Instead of making it a hazardous juice fast, Ayurveda prescribes Shirodhara (intensive head massage) and dietary control or panchakarma- the five-fold purification routine.

Learn how to administer these ancient detox procedures at the Ayurvedic skin care course in Kerala and come out sparkling!

Learn Cooking to Develop Better Awareness of Food

We are largely unaware of what goes down with our daily meals. Packaged and processed foods from vegetables to meats, preservatives containing greens, high fat and complex cholesterol packed oil etc., are very well part of our daily input-causing tremendous rise in toxin levels, disrupting our entire system.

Ayurveda cosmetic therapy courses in India often include cooking segments in its curriculum and thus raising awareness about food values, what to include and what to chuck out in your beauty-oriented meal plan. You will be smart to carry your recipe book on such a course and jot down some easy-to-make but delicious Ayurvedic Indian platters for every day.

Integrate Yoga and Meditation in Your Health Plan

Yoga and Ayurveda are integrally related and the expected effects from one cannot be achieved without the due attention and integration of the other discipline. As long as you are on a quest for the holistic beauty with Ayurveda, make sure to exercise the yoga way and bring peace to your mind with meditation.

Make the most of the Ayurveda beauty course you are taking by following these guidelines and set an example for all the beautiful people in the world!

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