To quote Heraclitus “The eyes are more exact witnesses than the ears.” There is no denying that there exists an indispensable connection between the eyes and head. A headache can trigger any time, and it signals the need for an eye check-up. Moreover, studies reveal that the sense of sight can evoke emotionally charged memories and therefore, is crucial to keep both the head and eye in an optimal state for the healthy existence of the body.

Ayurveda is a trusted science for treating the head and eye problems. Incorporating the wisdom and a customized application of certain herbs, medicinal plants, oils, and Ayurvedic lubricants– the system of Ayurveda is the safest route to any issues in the head and eye.

Know the importance of Ayurveda herbs for the head and eye:

1 Cure Headaches: Ayurveda firmly believes in the role of body humor–Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in maintaining the overall body in health and wellness. Disharmony between these body doshas is one of the reasons for headaches. Not to mention, stress remains one of the leading factors for headaches along with eyesight problems, metabolic disorders, etc. For Vata headaches–Triphala herb is suggested, Amalaki herb is suitable for Pitta headaches, and for Kapha headaches–Anu Taila is used for cleaning the nasal passage. Some other Ayurvedic herbs like henna, betel leaves, ginger, etc. are used to pacify the diverse dosha related headaches. The best Ayurveda tips for head and eye treatment that several patients blindly trust is the usage of herbs.

2 Treat a Migraine: Shiro Roga is an Ayurvedic term for headaches. Ranging from mild headaches to shooting migraine, Ayurveda is effective in treating all. Ayurvedic herbs like Basil, Butterbur, Chamomile, Ginger, Feverfew, Mint, Lavender, and many more are beneficial in treating the underlying cause of a migraine and the disease itself. Additionally, these herbs help in restoring the body’s physiological equilibrium, the homeostasis state.

3 Improve Eyesight: Harboring the goodness of three herbs: Triphala is powerful in treating various problems associated with the eyes. The consumption of Triphala in any form and the Triphala eye wash strengthens the eye muscles, enhances eye-vision, reduces redness in the eye, is effective in treating conjunctivitis. India is the place to undergo genuine and cost-effective Ayurvedic treatment for eyesight at a 20% discount.

4 Healthy Eyes: Nature possess the power to cure illness and it certainly does it through its medicinal plants and herbs. The Gingko Biloba is used as a natural remedy for the benefit of the eyes. This herb magnifies the blood circulation across the eyes and is beneficial for glaucoma as it contains neuroprotective and regulating effects. The Gingko Biloba is also used to treat the disease of dementia and Alzheimer. Use Ginkgo Biloba as an Ayurvedic eye treatment herb for a healthy vision and brain.

5 Heals Irritation: Goldenseal is an Ayurvedic herb for lessening irritation and inflammation of the eyes. Golden Seal contains berberine that has anti-inflammatory properties to holistically treat various eye infections. Mix the yellow root herb– Goldenseal with water for utilizing it as an eyewash for conjunctivitis and eye infections. Being an Ayurvedic treatment for eyesight, Goldenseal is a natural treatment for diseases like cold, allergies, and digestive issues.

Good health starts with good care! Guard the vision and mind with Ayurveda herbs for a healthy vision and life.

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