21 Summer Superfoods Suggested By Ayurveda Experts

“ Let Food Be Your First Medicine And Kitchen Be Your First Pharmacy”   The ancient text on Ayurveda– the Chakra Samhita states that living beings […]

Panchakarma Treatment

The human body is a marvel science. It has a heart that pumps blood, nervous system that controls the functions of the nerves, the immune system […]

What’s in for Meditation Courses in Kerala

Absorbing deep down in the fresh light and hues of nature’s boundless positive energy, the province of Kerala in India’s coastal South is right to be […]

How to Improve Digestion According to Ayurveda

Do you feel bloated and suffer from gastric problems every second day? Do you experience an unexplained chest pain and headaches? Even after being tired, you […]
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