What are the Benefits of Panchakarma Treatment?

The oldest continuing health science of the world, Ayurveda defines a person healthy when the body, mind, and spirit are connected, and the body doshas (Vata, […]
Blood Purifying Herbs

The Herbs to Blood Cleansing from the Body

Blood is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of a living anatomy. The life runs on the invaluable red liquid that is responsible for the […]

Natural Home Remedies For Knee Pain

Whether a debilitating pain or temporary spasm, joints pain is always unbearable and indicates physical stress and weakness. And both can be cured with the age-old […]

7 Effective Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss

Losing weight is surely a matter of concern for all of us, but doing so is not a cake walk. A lot of efforts are needed, […]
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