Looking for a completely safe and sustainable naturopathic way of obtaining beautiful radiant skin? Ayurveda could be your best bet! This five-thousand-year-old science of healing and wellness analyses the human body in three basic constituents- Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. A balance of these three doshas or biochemical elements in the body ensures good health. The drying skin, bad nails, frizzy hair, and stiff, cracking joints that you suffer from with the coming of winter is nothing but a rise in Vata in the body, disrupting the internal balance. While gallons of cosmetic lotions can feel like a complete waste in such situation, Ayurveda can be applied to rejuvenate your body and mind from the inside.

Help yourself to some great Ayurveda beauty therapy courses when you have the time, but get started now with a few expert tips regarding how to keep Vata in check, keeping your skin hydrated, young, and beautifully supple—

Dietary Refinement with Hydro-intensive Food

Take charge of restoring the deficiencies in your diet with more digestible food elements, which are high in water content and got roughage quality. Make your soups, salads, and gravy with greens and blooms like lettuce, cucumber, leeks, and cabbages. Throw in a mix of roots and tubes with carrot, radish, and beets for more vitamin. Ayurvedically speaking, these vegetables are tridoshic or has triple dosha qualities, that of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Therefore, these will be appropriate for all skin types. Zest up your veggie intensive meal with a spicy dressing and revel in the sensations. Create your own recipe not just for glowing skin but a good, healthy life too.

Add Good Fats and Fibre

Now, there are the good fats and then are the bad fats. Our experts from Ayurvedic institutes in India will not ask you to cut down on fats but simply replace trans fat with something more compatible with health. Keep your stash of nuts and seeds, cereals, porridge and a mixed bag of dry fruits, raisins, etc. at all times of the day to snack and munch on. It is worth remembering that Vata essentially predominates during noon, that’s when the body is at its most lethargic. To make more of your high noon periods, replace platters soaking in oil with some simple oatmeal porridge or oats, some dry fruits, and warm herbal tea to wash it all down.

Herbal Tea and Fusion Drinks

The element of Vata is all about dry and cold wintriness. When Vata level hike in you, your skin will automatically go pasty and flaky. Dispel these qualities by recharging constantly with warm tea fused with warming spice and condiments. Grate some ginger to go with your herbal tea. Sprinkle a powder of cardamom or cinnamon on your hot de-cafe coffee, or make a cup of green tea with lemon zest to keep your digestion healthy.

From warm beverages, move on to citrusy cold drinks full of fruity flavors. Mix fusion fruit drinks with rock salt and black pepper and drink bottoms up at least twice a day to pump your skin with a glowing natural aura.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Vata accumulates and clogs up channels due to lack of proper exercise. Prevent the cold Vata from gathering by constantly mobilizing your fluids through regular exercise. Start your day with some warming yoga and fast breathing and move through the rest of the day’s tasks full of zipping. Remember to get up from deskbound physical inertia and get some stretching exercise done. Coming back to rest, yoga the restorative way to catch up on your hard day of exhaustion. Just a few days with exercise, you will find a healthy blush spreading through your skin and the sensation of happiness felt every bit. Explore your options more with exercise forms that you can have fun with by moving your body and not get exhausted. Dancing, jogging, walking—anything counts as long as it makes you virile and happy!

Breath and Meditation

Emotional and mental stresses are better not neglected when looking at overall wellbeing. Vata aggravation is often caused by negative emotions and anxiety. You can eliminate these psychical factors with breath exercise and meditation. Intensive diaphragmatic breathing with pranayama is the best form of self-reliant stress buster apt for modern times. You can do this anywhere with just a couple of minutes of break and wake up from the deep state of working in, feeling fresh and fantastic!

Besides these effective ways to lower your Vata and reclaim a glowing fresh skin tone, you can supplement your derma health routine with Kerala Ayurveda prescribed, dosha specific natural oils. With a few drops of your dosha oil in your regular moisturizer, you can really turn your skin health around!

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