Losing weight is surely a matter of concern for all of us, but doing so is not a cake walk. A lot of efforts are needed, and doing it in a natural and systematic way of Ayurveda is better than other harmful methods. Explore the blog and know the effective Ayurvedic tips for losing weight.

Weight management is something we all juggle up with, and this brings in a lot of ailments. Obesity or being overweight is surely not good for your physical health, and there are people who face body shamming that affects their mental health too. Banishing the social stigma of achieving a beauty standard, lose weight for yourself-for a healthy body and mind.

The whole procedure of shedding pound is indeed a task which one can achieve with hard work, dedication, proper diet, exercising, and following a systematic regime. In today’s time, people with weight issue are constantly inundated with the best diets, workout options, and more. The array of options and advice make the whole errand of choosing a right method quite bewildering.

Ayurveda is one systematic natural way of shedding weight. An ancient system of healing is known for preventative and curative medication. A trusted and most used alternative therapy for a healthy body, Ayurveda is widely known for its weight loss, beauty, and detox therapies.

So here are the seven effective and amazing Ayurvedic tips for weight loss.

Warm Water to Start the Day With

Ayurveda strongly suggests you start the day with a glass of water, and for weight loss, it is better to sip warm. You can add lemon and honey to make it taste better, and the concoction surely does wonders for the weight. It is the most well-known practice of Ayurveda, and even science supports it. Drinking warm water first thing in the morning raise the temperature of the body that regulates the metabolism, helps in detoxification, enhance organs functioning, and promotes clear and easy bowel movement.

Exercise to Sweat and Shed Pounds

Regular exercising of any kind is mandatory to reduce weight. It is recommended to exercise daily for about 40-60 minutes to stay fit. You can either go for brisk walking, swimming, cycling, Yoga or Gyming, as per Ayurveda you need to sweat it out to fasten the process. Exercising increases activity of metabolism, and do go for a walk for 5-10 minutes after each meal- to fasten the digestive process and to not feel lethargic and sleepy.

Pranayama way of waving away fat

Yoga practice combined with Ayurveda is not only good for your body but also keep the mind and soul at peace. Along with the asana practice, there are few breathing techniques or Pranayama that help burning fat. Bhastrika and Kapalbhati Pranayama are the right way to breathe away fat.

Lunch should be the Biggest Meal

Ayurveda suggests consuming the three meals at a day, where the largest meal should be consumed in Noon. A healthy digestive system supports an easy reduction of the weight. So to speed up the weight loss process, you need to keep the digestion active, strong and healthy. Make your largest meal-Lunch- during this time the Agni is at its strongest point. In the morning it is in its sluggish condition, and at night it is slowing down.

The Mandates to Ignite Inner Fire

Great digestive health support speedy weight loss process, and to kindle the Agni up consume ginger. Chop or grate an inch of this herb, add few drops of lemon, a pinch of salt and chew it. The other step you can take to ignites inner Agni, for the speed up weight loss procedure is to start using hot spices while cooking. These spices burn fat- so include cumin, ginger, coriander, cinnamon, fennel, and all spices mix (garam masala) in the food.

Eat Properly and Seasonally

According to Ayurveda, a person should consume Kapha specific diet, but also try to experience the all six tastes at a moderate level that includes- sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent. The diet should be balanced, proper and full of nutrients- and a person should eliminate the unhealthy items from the meals. Along with it, eating seasonally also has a lot to do with weight loss. Summers are perfect for water-based, and high carb fruits and veggies, winter for root veggies, nuts and seeds, and in monsoon eat sprouts and leafy greens.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies and Therapies

Undergo Ayurveda treatment and therapies that include dry massage, Panchakarma, Udvartana, etc. to lose and maintain weight. Along with it, one can also try Ayurvedic home remedies for weight loss using various healthy and herbal ingredients from your kitchen.

These Ayurvedic tips for losing weight surely help you to attain the desired result, and with healthy weight loss, it makes you fit and active.

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