Find the seven most effective guidelines for leading a healthful life according to the Ayurvedic way of living.

Ayurveda- the Vedic era science is the most ancient natural medical system that is still alive and serving the living. More than just a discipline, Ayurveda is a whole journey taken for the overall fitness comprising of the physical, mental as well as the emotional aspect of the health. Having been alive on the earth for more than 3000 years, the science of life has proved to be the only collection of multiple treatments having a zero side effect. The postulates of the ancient science are still relevant, and with even more validity in this world of immorality and contamination.

Have a look at the following Ayurvedic tips for healthy living:

Follow three dietary routine daily

Three health-giving meals a day is the secret of being fit. Ayurveda suggests not to skip any of the meals, for each of them is equally important for the overall development of the body and mind. The morning breakfast should be little and must have at least 4 hours break until you have your lunch, which is considered the major diet. You should take the lunch between 12-2 PM and can be heavy. According to the health science, dinner should be taken before the sunset in light amount.

Do not minimize your sleep hours

For a peaceful and thriving life, rest is ultimately important. The night is the perfect time to give the mind and body moments to relax in complete silence. While the body gets tired from the daily schedule, it is sleep that helps pacify it. A normal body is suggested to have 6-7 hours of sleep and one should not play with his sleeping time. More hours of sleeping is also not advocated in Ayurveda, since it can make the body lethargic.

Keep the diet vegetarian

Ayurveda is based on the principles of nonviolence and wholesomeness. According to the Ayurveda science, plant-based food is perfect for the complete growth of the mind, body, and soul. Non-vegan diets are rich in fats and can elevate the chances of blood pressure. Vegetarian diets have the power to heal the mind, restore calmness in the body, and develop one’s muscles perfectly. Begin your days with some fruits and bless your evening with some seed-oriented foods. Spices and salads are advocated with preference since they help improve digestion.

Practice Yoga

Being the sister science of Yoga, Ayurveda always sponsors yogic practices as the means of retaining a fighting fit body. Yoga asanas such as Surya Namaskar and Tadasana promote a fat-less body and muscles while Meditation improves the mental strength. Beginning your day with 4-5 minutes each of Meditation and Pranayama keeps the mind ready to sustain the heavy workload of life. Early in the morning and evening are considered the best time for Yoga, although you can get instant energy with Chair Yoga asanas even during the work hours.

Drink as much water as you can

Water is life and vice-versa. One of the major reasons for the falling health of today’s generation is because they don’t drink enough water. Water is good for digestion and is a principal component of the blood. Water also helps in carrying the digested food throughout the body uniformly. For all these reasons, Ayurveda and health experts across the globe suggest that an ample amount of water should be taken by the body.

Avoid fat-containing food items

Fats are the major contributors of toxins in a human body. In today’s fast-paced life, we are getting highly attracted towards packaged and oily food items, which are extremely harmful to our health and wellbeing. Junk food, pre-cooked items, and diets with high sugar concentration are not the parts and parcels of the Ayurvedic tips for health and should be avoided for keeping the body away from any disease.

Give yourself an organic oil massage

A body massage is always useful for the refreshment of the body and mind. Owing to the long work hours, you may not get sufficient time for daily therapy, but it is advised to have at least one massage per weekend. Organic oils have the ability to nurture the bones, fibers, muscles, skin in a pleasant way so that each body part feels energized. Massage therapy keeps the brain calm. You remain happy and harmonized.

These are the basic Ayurvedic tips for healthy life which everyone should follow in order to skip the time-poor living style prevalent in the 21st century.

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