Your weight- loss program doesn’t have to be an intense workout regimen an hour a day to lose extra pounds of weight and grim routine of burning down calories. Instead, try embracing the Ayurvedic way to lose weight. Ayurveda–the science of life is an ancient technique of balancing all the elements of life. Ayurveda, the oldest Indian medicinal system view weight gain and obesity as a result of imbalanced body, mind, and soul. The sole aim of Ayurveda is to promote weight loss in a natural way by bringing the body, mind, and spirit into harmony through the way of proper diet, treating the doshas and exercises.

Given below is a list of Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss. Take a look at the herbs:

  1. Ginger: Ginger is a natural ingredient and best suited for effective weight loss. It finds prominence in Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss. Ginger taken in any form is beneficial, especially since it helps in maintaining the ideal body mass, lowers blood cholesterol levels, and stimulates oxidation of fatty acids in the body. Don your chef hat and create exciting variants using ginger like Ginger tea, curries with crushed ginger, sweets of crystallized ginger, and other savory dishes.
  1. Guggul: Guggul is a tree raisin and most famous Ayurvedic substance that promotes good cholesterol levels in the body. Traditionally, Guggul is used in Ayurveda for utilizing the fat for body’s fuel, assisting in stabilizing the weight, energy levels, and mood. If you are a Kapha-dominated person, the consumption of Guggul shall correct your Kapha dosha along with detoxifying the body from the toxins.
  1. Licorice: Forget the pungent and bitter medicines for weight loss that may have several side effects. Rather start consuming Liquorice, a naturally grown herb that is beneficial for digestion-related complaints including stomach ulcers, inflammation, and diabetes. Healthy digestive fire promotes proper assimilation of the food and optimal health.
  1. Triphala: Ayurveda is the holistic wisdom that safely treats almost all kinds of diseases. And, Triphala is the healing herb that helps people burn excessive fat in the safest manner. Triphala is an effective combination of three herbs– Haritaki, Bibhitaki, and Amalaki are very powerful in opening blockages in the digestive tract, curing constipation, reducing excessive fats from the body, and nourishing the health of a patient.
  1. Vrikshamla: The Ayurvedic herbs are a storehouse of pure goodness. Vrikshamla is one such herb with medicinal properties that support healthy weight by stimulating fat metabolism, prevents unhealthy accumulation of fat in the body, and encourages ayurvedic weight loss.
  1. Ashok: Ashok herb is an Ayurvedic way to lose weight that also balances the Kapha dosha, which leads to obesity. Treat your obesity in a fruitful manner with Ayurveda. Obesity treatment in Ayurveda comprises of curing the disease through several herbs and healing procedures. The usage of Ashok in various forms naturally nurses the illness of obesity.
  1. Kalmegh: A herbal medicinal plant that helps in weight loss without any negative effects. A rejuvenating herb that purifies the blood, reverses the effects of the obesity and helps shed extra pounds of weight with positive results.

Along with the usage of Ayurvedic herbs, there are many effective Ayurvedic tips for weight loss that you can implement in your daily routine for a perfect, healthy, and toned body.

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